Improve Life Challenge

Do you have what it takes to solve a real world problem?

The Improve Life Challenge is open to all students at the University of Guelph. It's designed to challenge you to develop a solution to an issue of your choice. This immersive 72 hour experience will guide you through the highs, lows, pressure, and fun of developing a solution to a meaningful problem. Join a vibrant supportive community of interdisciplinary mentors and teachers that will provide tools, resources, food and loads of caffeine to help get you through the weekend and solve your problem. 

The Improve Life Challenge 2018 will run from 7:30pm Friday January 26th to 3:30pm Sunday January 28th

The competition will be held in the Summerlee Science Complex. (With the exception of a Friday night social held in the Bullring)

It's easy to register for the Improve Life Challenge 

Registering as an individual:

  1. Follow the registration link.
  2. Agree to the code of conduct.

Registering as a team:

  1. Have you and each team member follow the registration link.
  2. Each team member must agree to the code of conduct.
  3. Teams must have two colleges represented 
  4. Teams are to be 2-4 students in size

Please note you will only be able to reserve one spot on Eventbrite so it is essential that every team member be registered.

Register now for the 2018 Improve Life Challenge.

What can you expect?

Friday: Find your Problem, Find your Team

Saturday: Wake and Make

Sunday: Complete and Compete

Improve Life Challenge Word Cloud

Improve Life.

Wondering what issues you can solve? Your imagination is the limit.


Why take part?

Build your resume.  Challenge yourself to make a difference. Within your teams, you will propose sustainable solutions to real world problems. This is an incredible opportunity to gain practical skills and discover your own ingenuity.

Connect with like-minded people Not only will you gain valuable experience working in teams, you will also meet and connect with people with similar interests and goals. No need to stop after the competition is over either. If you think your team's idea has potential continue to develop it and work to implement it.

Become a leader. This isn’t a course. Each team is required to independently manage their project throughout the weekend and must conquer all of the challenges that arise along the way.

Areas of Special Interest

  • Food: Identify and solve an issue in the food industry
  • Environment: Help solve an environmental challenge
  • Social Issues: Explore economic, gender, political, and government issues
  • Equity: Analyze equity in employment
  • Mental Health: Help address issues in mental health 
  • Choose Your Own: If it is a meaningful issue you are welcome to identify your own area of interest

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