CBS Purchasing and COVID-19 Page: Updates and Resources

Please visit the Financial Services website for the latest updates on interim processes and guidelines during this period of working remotely.

Expense Claim Processing:

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, effective immediately ECS is no longer accepting hard copies.

STEP 1: Please email completed claims and receipts to the CBS purchasing clerks or Sue Ann Connolly (for BIO) for initial REVIEW.


  • Log into ECS and complete the claim as you would normally. Save the claim form as a PDF document.
  • Attach copies of all receipts. There are numerous apps you can download for free to take photos of receipts.  These include apps such as ‘Tiny Scanner’ or ‘ScanGuru’. 
  • There should be only one email and one file/attachment for each claim. Where possible, the PDF of the ECS claim and related receipts should be consolidated into a single PDF file.
  • Send the email submission from your UofG account to CBS purchasing clerks or Sue Ann Connolly (for BIO).  Include in your email the name of the individual approving your claim.
  • Ensure the email subject line is formatted as “Department name – Claim # – Claimant Last name, First Name - Amount;  add “Urgent” if needed or add, "Type of PDR (faculty, p&m, sessional), or add  "Research" if it needs to be processed in March 
  • Attach the PDF copy of the ECS claim form and receipts in one file. Your email should state: “I Claimant name, approve Claim #,  in the amount of $X to be processed for payment”. 

STEP 2: CBS Purchasing Staff or Sue Ann Connolly (for BIO) will first review the claim and then forward the claim to the approver.


  • Approver will review the claim, authorize it in the email, and forward it to the next signing authority as required.
  • The final approver must email with “I approve Claimant name, Claim #,  in the amount of $X to be processed for payment”. 
  • This email must come from a valid UoG account.  
  • The email must flow directly to ECS from the final approver.  Please cc the claimant and either or Sue Ann Connolly (BIO) on the message so they can see the status of the claim.

Please check the ECS homepage for updates.

Invoice Approvals

During the period of social isolation and remote work environments, our financial management team is still working to support you. In order to ensure invoices are paid for the items we are purchasing, please scan a copy of the packing slip over to CBS Purchasing clerks or Sue Ann Connolly in Biodiversity. NO paper copies, please. This will allow both sides to social distance and will ensure we receive the approvals we need.

When emailing the packing slip, please include the vendor name, order number (if it's on the packing slip) and your approval to pay in the message.

If you happen to receive an invoice by mail or e-mail, please follow the same steps as above, including the invoice number in your message and the finance team will ensure your payments are processed.

As we are approaching a number of financial deadlines for grants and the University, we appreciate this being done in a timely manner.