How is GST calculated?

In most cases, the University gets a 67% rebate on GST. The Controller's Office has a list of Departments and specific codes that vary from this, (library books or Hospitality Services food Suppliers, for example).
Tax rules - Please pay attention to the tax rules and identify on LVPO's. This would be a big help to Accounts Payable staff, especially for US and Out of Province purchases. Some US Suppliers have a GST registration number which will affect
the tax designation on a LVPO. It is a big help if the LVPO tax designation is filled in so A/P staff knows which "code" to use. For example, if a US supplier charges GST on the invoice and quotes a GST number, then the tax would be different
from a Supplier with no GST number. The GST would then be charged at the Border by Customs.