Working Remotely

There are many aspects to working remotely when accessing U of G resources.  Below are instructions on how to use various resources available.  Please note these instructions are created to be CBS specific.


Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

In order to connect to many on-campus resources, VPN is required.  Installation is the same for Windows and Mac.

  1. Go to or and login using your central login ID and password.
  2. Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software to your computer.
  3. Install the software.  Mac users please note that your computer may stop you from opening the package.  If this happens you need to go to System Preferences and then Security & Privacy.  Next under the General tab you will see an option to the Open Anyway.  Please do so.
  4. Now you will see the software under the Cisco folder (in the Start Menu for Windows users, in Applications for Mac users)
  5. Click to run.  When the Cisco AnyConnect login box shows up you may need to enter a server name.  The server name is either: or  Click the Connect button.
  6. Now enter your Central login ID and password.  If you need to access CFS based resources such as V: drive on a Windows based computer, please use cfs\username (where username is your central login ID).
  7. The next time you connect you should now see 2 options: On-campus VPN access and Off-Campus VPN access.  Chose the one appropriate for you based on your location.


Web Now

  1. In order for Web Now to work you need to have Java installed.  If you haven't installed Java, go to, download and and install it.  Once installed follow the steps below:
  2. You will need to create exceptions in Java for Web Now to work.   On a Windows computer search for the words Configure Java and then run the application or find it in Control Panel.  For Mac users the Configure Java app is found in System Preferences.
  3. Once Configure Java is running, go to the Security tab and edit the site list.
  4. In the site list you will need to enter: and  Once entered close the site list and the Configure Java app.
  5. For Windows users you must use Internet Explorer for Web Now to work.  Open Internet Explorer, click on settings (its a cog icon on the top right) and then pick Internet options from the drop down menu.  Once in Internet Options, click on the Security tab and then pick the Trusted sites zone.  Now click the Sites button.  Add the website URL:  Then close hit the Close button to close the Trusted sites window.  Next click the OK button to close the Internet Options window.
  6. For Mac users you will need to download a special version of Firefox to make it work.  Those instructions along with the download can be found in the WebNow user guide:
  7. Once everything is installed go to the Web Now website at to run it.


Web Ex or Skype

To install and use Web Ex or Skype please visit the following CCS webpage:



For further information with regards to working remotely please visit the CCS webpage: