Computer Purchasing

Computer Advice (For Faculty, Staff and Grad Students within the College of Biological Science)


Please phone x56290, email at: or come see me in the Summerlee Science Complex 1120 if you are interested in purchasing a new or used computer. In many cases by assessing your requirements I can determine whether a computer system is adequate for your future needs. This can at times lead to large cost savings. In addition, I usually maintain up-to-date information on pricing and tend to know where the better deals are. This service is offered in order to point you in the right direction!


Systems Contractors


The University currently has 3 main Value Added Resellers as well as Apple Canada from whom you can purchase computing equipment. Below are links to each companies website.

Apple Canada

Audcomp Computer Systems

Compudata Systems

Onward Computers Systems



Other Places to Purchase Around Guelph and Online


Although the university has systems contractors in many cases it may be cheaper or more convenient to purchase from someone else. Below is a list of computer stores in or around Guelph along with their associated links (where available).

Amazon Canada

Best Buy