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About Us

The College of Biological Science Student Council, CBSSC, is the student council representing over four thousand undergraduate students in the CBS. The purpose of the CBSSC is to provide services that enhance the academic experience of students and provide extracurricular opportunities that enhance student life. The CBSSC provides academic services, social events, clubs, and financial support for its students.

This year, the CBSSC will be focusing on providing various academic services for students. The B.Sc. program provides so many academic routes and opportunities that many students may not know how to make the most of their degree or the opportunities after graduation. The academic services include various career nights, where the CBSSC and its clubs will be collaborating to bring in guest speakers and alumni to speak to students; an electives night, where students and advisors will be providing advice regarding what electives students should consider, and when students should take them; online information regarding various research and work opportunities, both on and off-campus; and a faculty-student mentorship program to guide students in their future endeavors in science or other fields. We will also be hosting various social events such as trivia, Brass Taps socials, etc. to foster connections among the students in the college.

Most importantly, the CBSSC is here to represent and voice the concerns of its students. The CBSSC has representatives on various committees on campus to ensure that the interests of CBS students are represented ardently. The Board members and executive members all have a plethora of experience as student leaders and as university students—they are always available to advise students on any matter related to university life. All CBS students are highly encouraged to use and get involved with the CBSSC.


Jack Wang


Office Hours: TBD


Emily Nunez

Chair of the Board of Governors

Office hours: TBD


Sean Black

Vice President of Academics and Alumni Affairs

Office hours: TBD


Alison Dewancker

Vice President of Clubs and Student Affairs

Office hours: TBD


Nick Kowaleski

Vice President of Communications

Office hours: TBD


Claudia Idzik

Vice President of Events

Office hours: TBD


Hisham Farag

Vice President of Finance

Office hours: TBD