Our People

Natasha Aleman

Email: nalema01@uoguelph.ca

Degree Type: Major Research Paper

Research Interests: Hispanic and Black American experiences with police and police use of force, and Hispanic and Black American perceptions of and confidence in law enforcement in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Taylor Angeli

Email: tangeli@uoguelph.ca

Degree Type: Major Paper

Research Interests: The lasting effects of the criminal justice system, with a focus on youth crime, mental heal issues, and policy.

Jessica Barbosa

Email: barbosaj@uoguelph.ca

Degree Type: Thesis

Research Interest: Safeguards against police conduct, police accountability and oversight in Toronto, and the attitudes of Judges in these cases.

Ciara Boyd

Email: boydc@uoguelph.ca

Degree Type: Thesis

Research Interest: Key differences in the motivational factors for mass killings in Canada and the United States

Jacob Dubeau

Email: jdubeau@uoguelph.ca

Degree Type: Course-Based

Research Interest: Effectiveness of situation tables as a form of crime prevention, with a focus on the Gateway Hub in North Bay.