Adobe Creative Cloud FAQs


Why are the Creative Suite (CS6) Products not available on the CCS Software Distribution site?

Based on a recent change in the Adobe Educational and Enterprise purchasing program, the University is no longer able offer perpetual licences of Adobe Creative Suite products under our current purchasing agreement. Adobe is now offering Creative Suite products exclusively under their Creative Cloud subscription licensing model.

Can I still buy Adobe Creative Suite products from another source?

Some Adobe Creative Suite 6 products are still available in retail outlets and directly from Adobe. However, Adobe has stopped allowing Volume license customers to purchase Creative Suite products.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription based licence that gives users access to the latest versions of Adobe creative software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and more. Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud on

What is the difference between Adobe Creative Cloud for Education subscription (Institutional Use Only) and Adobe Creative Cloud Student & Teacher Edition Monthly subscription (Personal Use)?

In comparing the two versions of Adobe Creative Cloud that are offered on the CCS Software Distribution site you may notice that the version of Adobe Creative Cloud (Student & Teacher edition) that is under the Personal Use Software section is priced similarly to the Adobe Creative Cloud for Education Complete Named-User license. The included applications and features of these two subscriptions are exactly the same, what makes them different is the license. Software available on the Institutional Use Only section is approved for business use on campus. Software found on the Personal Use section may not be approved for business use or installation on an institutionally owned device. It is important to select the correct license based on your intended use of the software product.


What if I don’t need the all of the Creative Cloud Products?

When selecting a Creative Cloud software subscription, you have the option to choose from either Creative Cloud Complete, which includes all Creative Cloud applications, or just a single Creative Cloud Application.

What method of payment is accepted for purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud License Subscriptions?

The CCS Software Distribution site accepts either Credit Card or Departmental GL Billing codes as methods of payment for Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions

How do I renew my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription?

Prior to the expiration of your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to renew your subscription for the next year. Should you choose to not renew your subscription at this time, you will be required to uninstall all unlicensed Adobe Creative Cloud software.

How do I transfer a Creative Cloud subscription license from one user or device to another?

In order to transfer your license from one individual or device to another, you must submit a request through the CCS Help Centre/form. Submitting this request will deregister the current user or device and send an e-mail to the new user with instructions on downloading and installing their Creative Cloud applications.

How do I cancel my Creative Cloud subscription?

Adobe Creative Cloud device license subscriptions are pre-purchased for a set period of time, based on an annual term. Subscriptions can be cancelled at the end of an annual term. You will receive an e-mail notice with instructions to either renew or cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date. Should you choose to not renew your subscription at this time, you will be required to uninstall all unlicensed Adobe Creative Cloud software.