Backup OneDrive data using the OneDrive Sync Client for Mac OS X

Backup your Office 365 OneDrive (for Business) Files

Key Notes to remember:

* The OneDrive sync client is supported on the OS X version 10.9 and above

* To use the sync client you must already have an Office 365 business account



How to install and set up sync client 

Install OneDrive for Mac 

1) Install OneDrive for Mac 


 Download the OneDrive Sync Client for Mac from Microsoft


  • To note:  

  • If you have already sync OneDrive files using a (Personal) Microsoft account, you may already have the OneDrive sync client installed on your computer.

  • If you are currently using OneDrive Mac Store App, you must uninstall this app in order to download the new OneDrive sync client.



Getting started with the new OneDrive sync client on Mac OS X

          Setup OneDrive for Mac

1) Click the OneDrive cloud icon in your Menu bar and select Preferences



2) Click the Account tab and under the Add Account section, select the Add a Business Account to start OneDrive Setup



3) Sign in using your Single Sign On 




Sync your Data 

4) On the This is your OneDrive Folder screen, clicChoose OneDrive Folder Location 



5) Select a location where you would like to download your data from your OneDrive and then click Choose this location 



6) On the next page, This is your OneDrive folder, click Next



7) Lastly, once you see the Your OneDrive Is Ready for You screen, select the Open at login so my files sync automatically. This will allow OneDrive to continually sync your files and give you the most up to date versions of them.  


Click Open your OneDrive folder to see your files sync to your folder.