Backup OneDrive data using the OneDrive Sync Client in Window

Backup OneDrive data using the OneDrive Sync Client in Windows 

A fast and easy way to sync your data from OneDrive to your computer desktop. 

Here are some key notes to keep in mind: 

  1. The OneDrive sync client supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 

  1. If you are already using an existing OneDrive for Business sync client to sync your Sharepoint content, click HERE for guidance on how to transition from existing OneDrive for Business sync client 

  1. Not sure which OneDrive sync client you are using? Click HERE for more info 

  1. If you are running Windows 10 or Office 2016 or if you have signed into the OneDrive client with a Microsoft account, you should already have the new OneDrive sync client and go ahead and sync 


How to Install and setup OneDrive Sync Client  

Install OneDrive Sync Client 

Install the Windows version of the OneDrive Sync Client








Start OneDrive setup 

If you have no account signed into OneDrive:

a) In Windows 10, select OneDrive desktop app



b) In Windows 7, under Programs, select Microsoft OneDrive



c) In Windows 8.1, search for OneDrive for Business, and then select the OneDrive for Business app






When OneDrive Setup begins, use your Single Sign On to set up your account




If you already have an account signed into OneDrive:

1) In the taskbar navigation, right click the OneDrive cloud icon and click Settings




2) In Settings, select Account, and then select Add an account



3) When OneDrive Setup starts, sign in with your student Single Sign On



4) On the This is your OneDrive folder screen, either click Next to accept the default folder location for your OneDrive files or select Change location to choose a preferred location



5) Once the Sync files from your OneDrive screen appears, choose the folders you would like to sync and select Next