CEVAL Supported Scantron Forms

The CEVAL system supports the following Scantron forms for in-class evaluations.  If your department is using a different form type, the data collected cannot be imported into CEVAL.

Ordering Information Answers per Question Sample Picture (click to enlarge) Notes
Staples.  Item #:Z98UG03100.  (500 pk) 5 5 Answer Scantron Most commonly used form.
Staples.  Item #:Z98UG287195.  (500 pk) 6 6 Answer Scantron Is a special order requiring longer processing and shipping times.
Scantron Canada Ltd.  Item #:218821.  (500 pk) 10 (9 - see notes) 10 Answer Scantron Answers are numbered 0-9, however CEVAL only supports answers numbered 1-9. CEVAL will treat any '0' responses the same as if the question had not been answered.