COVID-19 Hospital Visit

Message Content

This is an anonymous email, asked to be sent to you to inform you about the possibility of coming in to contact with a family member/colleague/neighbor who has contracted the COVID19 Virus in your office/area.

A test at your nearest hospital will be done free of charge provided you bring the printed out form we attached to this email, more information and your details are attached on how to proceed.



In This phishing message, the criminal is attempting to create intrigue, and get users to open up the attachement and click on their link. The message is sent with a malicious file that when opened could install a virus on your machine. Always be careful when you recieve a message you weren't expecting, especially if it contains links or attachments. Always hover over links before clicking on them and avoid opening attachments unless you were expecting the message or it is from a sender you know. If you are ever unsure about a message and it's legitimacy you can send it to the help centre for verification, they can be reach at 519-824-4120 x.58888 or