Restore Service

If you have accidentally deleted an important file, you can now submit an online request (server or file) to have it restored. This service is available to all U of G staff, faculty, students, associates, departments, colleges and directorates, provided that the file(s) were protected by the back-up service.

Before logging in, please have the following information available:

  • What needs to be restored (files - please specify names)
  • For other files, the server name and file path name(s) are required
  • Destination for the restored files (or permission to overwrite existing files)
  • When to restore from (last known “good” date/time - please be specific as possible)
  • If you are an IT Admin requesting the restore of someone else’s central account files, then their login is required and they will also be notified via email of the restore status

Targeted response time is one to two business days.


  • Please be aware that backups are only kept for a maximum of thirty days.

Restoring Email

Microsoft Outlook 365 email is a cloud hosted email service.  Microsoft Office 365 provides the ability to retrieve emails up to 150 days after they have been deleted.  Note that Office 365 email accounts are not backed up by Computing and Communications Services (CCS).  How to restore email in Office 365.