IT Administrators

IT Admins are designated staff on campus who provide desktop, application and networking support for staff and faculty in their department or college and should be the first point of contact when a computing problem or question arises.

After Hours & Emergency Support

CCS analysts are on-call to provide emergency support to critical university systems. All critical central systems and services are being monitored and any issues will be handled by analysts during our on-call attended hours, from 7 AM until Midnight on weekdays, and from 8 AM until Midnight on weekends and holidays. 

Outside of business hours, IT Administrators or other qualified members of the university community can alert CCS to widespread, technical emergencies on critical university systems by leaving a voice mail message on our Analyst On call phone: (519) 824-4120 x58600

Emergency Support Hours

Weekdays - 7:00 AM to Midnight
Weekends (and holidays) - 8:00AM to Midnight