Domain Name Service (DNS)

CCS offers a static hierarchical DNS for TCP/IP hosts by maintaining two domain name servers with redundant lists of University of Guelph host names and their corresponding IP addresses. This allows users of university servers and hosts to specify remote systems by host names rather than by IP addresses.

Each local area network (LAN) at U of G is given a domain name. Host names in the university domain consist of a sequence of labels separated by periods. Each hostname is the name of a device (or computer) on a network. The host name must be listed in a DNS for that host to be found by another computer attempting to communicate with it by name. Host names belonging to the university domain are maintained on three DNS servers, which are at, and If one of these servers is down, most communication software will automatically switch to the another server. 

For information about policies governing the assignment of host names to the DNS, visit the University of Guelph's domain name policies page.

To request a new hostname, please follow the domain name request procedure.

If you have other questions, please contact the CCS Help Centre.