FootPrints Service

What is FootPrints?

FootPrints, from Numara Software, is a highly customizable, web-based commercial software product that allows you to centrally track and manage customer support issues.

CCS (Computing and Communications Services) is using this application for IT issue tracking and is supporting FootPrints as a service for other units.

What is a ‘Workspace’ in FootPrints?

The primary feature that makes FootPrints so flexible is that it is workspace-based. Each workspace is a separate sub-database within the system that can have its own fields, forms, users, and settings. It is this feature that enables units to have their own area within Footprints.

A ‘Workspace’ in FootPrints may be used for tracking issues, requests, or work orders. This could be useful for a 'help desk' or call center, for project management tracking, or similar.

Team members in different locations can collaborate, communicate, and organize tasks, share documents, and more using FootPrints’ intuitive interface from any browser.

Is it possible to try out FootPrints?

Please contact CCS FootPrints Administration if you are interested in getting a trial workspace and account.

What is the cost of using FootPrints?

The exact costs for the FootPrints service will be outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Costs are based on agent license fees. CCS will be incurring the vendor annual maintenance fee on behalf of all users.

What Support will I receive from CCS?

CCS support details will be outlined in the SLA but includes assistance with the initial setup of a FootPrints workspace using existing templates in FootPrints.

CCS will assist with the initial setup of the FootPrints workspace using the existing CCS Help Centre workspace as a template, or another appropriate existing template in Footprints.

Additional Footprints training and support will include:

  • Documentation
  • FootPrints listserv
  • FootPrints Forum
  • FootPrints support (inquiries and requests) through email and phone (Help Centre - x58888).
  • FootPrints consulting- email for advice on how to setup a project, processes, and escalations.
  • One initial 3 hr training session for the unit’s project administrator. 

How do I apply for the FootPrints service?

Contact CCS FootPrints administration to review a copy of the Service Level Agreement(SLA) and other workspace guideline information.

You will be asked to complete a FootPrints application attached below. Once your application has been reviewed; you will be contacted with a response. IT issue tracking projects will receive 1st priority.

File attachments

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