SSL Certificates

Note: CCS has signed a new service agreement with DigiCert and beginning the process of migrating our SSL certificates from Thawte Enterprise to DigiCert Enterprise Managed PKI Service. New certificates and renewals will be issued from DigiCert starting January 2014, however all existing certificates issued from Thawte will remain valid until their expiry date. We are also introducing wildcard certificates to our webhosting environment to better meet our security and encryption needs, in addition to our standard SSL certificate offerings. Updated Nov 22, 2013.

CCS has been a partner for the Thawte Enterprise Account for validating and issuing Thawte SSL certificates for any domain name within and a number of pre-authorized domain names. With this partnership, Thawte offers 1 to 5 years SSL certificates at a discounted price. Noted that CCS will only offer up to 2 years SSL certificates on-line.

For questions regarding this service, or to request or renew an SSL certificate, please visit the SSL Certificate page.