Managed Servers

Environmentally Friendly

  • CCS uses VMware - Virtual Server technology, which provides maximum server performance with minimal environmental impact. By virtualizing our servers we’ll reduce energy consumption as well as carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to taking 750 cars off the road annually.  Check out this video to learn more about the benefits virtualization.

Looking for a place to host your website? Want your data to be accessible anywhere, at anytime? We offer high quality services tailored to your specific departmental needs, saving you both time and money. 

Security and Reliability

  • Our team has extensive experience in maintaining servers with major Operating Systems including RedHat Linux, Windows and Solaris. Our server environment utilizes the latest technology; we are committed to ensuring that our hardware and software always remain current.
  • There is high availability by design; in the case of any hardware failure, servers are seamlessly moved to other hardware without any downtime. Furthermore, Enterprise Storage offers better fault tolerance; your valuable data will be secure in case of localized disasters and server malfunctions. 
  • The servers are fully secure through multiple physical and network access controls, and under stringent temperature and humidity control. We also back up your server’s Operating Systems.

Time Saving

  • We install, configure, manage and monitor the Operating Systems and the servers. We make shopping for hardware and software more time efficient: no more issues with quotations, contract renewals and dedicating resources. In the long run, our services are more cost effective and provide better value for money compared to external contractors.

Cost Saving

  • Our one stop shop provides significant cost savings when compared with traditional independent physical server purchase, maintenance and hardware upgrades.


More detail can be found in the page for Managed Servers.

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