Frequently Asked Questions



Accidentally, the phone went off-hook, what will happen?

When the phone is in an off hook position you will hear dial tone for approximately 15 seconds. If no digits are entered, then the tone changes to a fast error tone. After approximately 30 seconds the phone returns to idle state, capable of receiving calls.

Are there any guidelines or policies I must follow in order to use my account?

The use of this account, and the use of any computing services provided by the university, is covered by the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines (AUPG). We recommend you familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities described in the AUPG. Students: your U of G email account is the official method used by the university to communicate important information to students. Regularly checking your U of G email account is part of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

BlockFactor option in CFQuery generates an error

The optional BlockFactor is not supported by the JDBC-ODBC bridge used to connect to MS Access databases.

Can I bypass the greeting when I call someone?

Yes, by pressing the # key during the greeting, you will receive the record prompt (beep).

Can I direct dial campus extensions using my personal VoIP phone?

You will NOT be able to dial any on-campus extensions directly using your personal VoIP phone. This includes the emergency number 2000. If your service provides PSTN access, you will have to dial the appropriate main University number (519-824-4120 for business and 519-824-0022 for residence) to be able to contact on campus extensions. Depending on your service, long distance charges may apply.

Can I forward my phone extension to an outside number?

Business extensions can be forwarded to external numbers. More information about Off-Campus Forwarding can be found on the Phone features page

Can I have my personal VoIP phone number listed in the campus directory?

Your 5digit campus extension (and the associated voice mail box) is the only official contact method distributed by CCS to the rest of campus. This includes callers dialling the switchboard and anyone looking up your number in the universities online directory. We will not distribute any other number except the 5digit campus extension.

Can I transfer a conference in progress to another phone?

Yes, you may transfer a conference to another CISCO IP telephone by following the transfer instructions. All parties will be transferred.

Can I transfer and forward calls between my personal VoIP phone and my residence VoIP

No, you will not be able to transfer or forward calls between your personal VoIP phone and the residence VoIP phone. Third party VOIP services are separate from the University's phone system and, as a result, features like transfer and forwarding will not work between your VoIP phone and the provided residence phone.

Can I transfer my assigned university phone number to my personal VoIP phone?

No, you cannot transfer your university residence extension to your personal VoIP phone. Residence phone numbers are extensions rather than actual phone numbers. As a result they are non-transferable. You will likely need a new phone number from your VoIP service provider unless you already have one with your device.

Can students bring their own Voice over IP phones from home?

Students will be able to use their own Voice over IP phones in residence rooms, but will be responsible for connecting and supporting this service themselves.

Do indicators and displays work differently when there is more than one line on a phone, or there is a 7914 expansion unit?

The handset light flashes when a call rings on your phone.  A forwarding icon is displayed (phone with and arrow moving to the right) when you forward the prime extension. The following are the extension indicators: Off - Extension available; Steady Green - Extension in use by you; Steady Red - Extension in use by another phone; Flashing Amber - Extension ringing; Flashing Green - Call on hold.

Do Macs need anti-virus software?

Macs are vulnerable to viruses and therefore need anti-virus and anti-malware software. McAfee antivirus software is available for free to all students, staff and faculty. 

Do you have any instructions to help me configure my Macintosh for uog-wifi-secure?

For users of Mac OSX 10.5 and higher check out our instructions for connecting to Secure Wireless (uog-wifi-secure).


How can I allow wireless users access to my server?

If you admin a protected system on campus and wish to allow wireless users access to your system, please add the following IP address range to your IP filters: - and -

How can I clear my call history in the Directory area?

Users that wish to clear their call history logs may do so via a softkey on their phone. Select the "directories" button, then choose the "clear" button. This will erase the call logs (missed calls, received calls, and placed calls) from your phone. Note: The campus directory will not be affected.

How can I manage my account?

Account Utilities provides an excellent way to manage your Central Login Account and ensure its continued accessibility and security by changing your password, signing up for Password Insurance, changing your password, etc. Visit this page for a complete list of Account Utilities.  If you need to recover items you have deleted from Gryph Mail, check out Email Recovery in Office 365.  For information about your Gryph Mail quota, including how to check usage, check out Your Gryph Mail Quota.

How can I reduce the amount of spam emails I get?

Spam can be significantly reduced by using:

  • Our spam filtering
  • Our block/accept list to permanently block or accept specific email addresses
  • Setting up custom mail filters on your favourite email client

In addition, CCS has blocked attachments with certain file extensions to reduce the chances of spreading viruses via email. However, spammers are always finding new ways to bypass filters so it is very likely that some spam will make its way to your inbox.

How can I view the Directory of Missed Calls/Received Calls/Placed Calls/Campus Directory?

Select the directory you wish to view. Use the scroll button to move up or down in the list to view the entries. If you wish to call one of the entries ensure that the entry is selected (the highlighted line indicates the entry is selected). Select the Dial button to begin the call.

How do I change my password?

Login here with your Central Login Account.

How do I check how much quota I have used?

Login with your central login account to find how much quota you have used.

How do I choose a secure password?

It is important for you to choose fool-proof passwords that will help prevent hackers from accessing your accounts. When selecting your password, make sure the password is hard to guess by somebody else, but easy for you to remember so you don't have to write it down. Make sure that it is not a word that can be found in a dictionary and it should be between 6 and 8 characters long. It should contains a mix of characters, including at least two of: capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and simple punctuation. For more information visit the Protect Your PC Guide.

How do I create a good password?

Information Security recommends using a password manager application to randomly generate and securely store unique passwords for all of your accounts and online identities.

When selecting your password, make sure it is:

  • Passwords should never be re-used. Always use a unique password for your University of Guelph account.
  • Hard to guess by someone else, but easy for you to remember so you don’t have to write it down
  • Not a word that can be found in the dictionary
  • Between 8 and 14 characters long
  • Changed regularly
  • A mix of characters from at least three of the following categories: capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and simple punctuation or special characters (e.g., $ ( ) ! + - _ . = { })
    •  Note that the following characters should not be used as they may be problematic for some applications: < > ‘ “ ; , @ \ % & `
How do I forward a voice message that is new or saved to a co-worker?

After listening to a message (press # to skip to the end of a message), you can press "0" to hear more options. The option to forward a message is "5". Note: You can only forward messages to employees that use the ip phones.

How do I forward the secondary line on my phone?

Please email your request to the MACdesk on-line request application. You will be provided with a user id, password and instructions to forward secondary lines.

How do I get a Central Login Account?

Depending on your designation on campus, you will be provided with an account either when you are hired as an employee or enrolled as a student.

How do I grant write permissions to the ColdFusion server for file uploads or XML file generation?

You can also use Unix ACLs to add extended permissions for the the cfmx user to your target folder (see ColdFusionMX: Unix ACLs FAQ for more information).

How do I know if an email is a phishing scam?

If you have received an email that seems suspicious, read through the information on our web page outlining how to recognize a phishing scam. You can also check our listing of the most recent scams and phishing attempts.  

If you think you may have a received a phishing email:

  • Do not respond or open any links in the email until you have confirmed it is safe.
  • Never give your password to anyone.
How do I leave a message for someone without ringing their phone?

Press *77 followed by the extension number.

How do I obtain the clients' IP address?

The IP address of the client is the value of the CGI variable CGI.HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR for production websites, and CGI.REMOTE_ADDR for or any virtual hostnames configured for your production website.

How do I pay?

Payment is made by providing a valid University of Guelph GL code at the time of ordering.  You must be approved to make purchases using this GL code or you must provide the name of an approver.  

How do I remove all ACLs from my site?

Login via SSH using your Organizational account then and type the following command:

setfacl -bR /www/rootdir

Where rootdir is your website root directory. To remove ACLs for a single file or directory omit the R option.

How do I schedule a job, e.g., a database report? Can I use CfSchedule?

If you need to run a specific job please design and test a CFMX script which executes the job, then contact the CCS Help Centre (preferably by email) and submit the following information:

  1. Which CFMX server should this task be set up - production or stage. Each task is to be tested on the stage first before moving to production.
  2. Top level directory for your website - if your website is “” then the top level directory is myweb
  3. Optional name of the task - the full task name will be "YourContextName.OptionalPart". This can be used in your future requests to refer to this specific task
  4. URL of the page which executes the job
  5. Request timeout - please, design your scheduled tasks efficiently, i.e., make them complete quickly. CCS reserves the right to suspend any task that may have a negative impact on the CFMX service
  6. StartDate, startTime, interval, endDate, endTime (see the cfschedule tag for details). The scheduled tasks should run outside of the peak hours, i.e., in early morning hours. If you do not require any specific time then give us an approximate window when you wish to run the job and we will coordinate it with other scheduled tasks
  7. Should the output be saved in a file? If yes then submit the file name and directory name (please, set the appropriate permissions for the cfmx server)
  8. Any other requested parameters - see the cfschedule tag for details
How does Call Back work?

The "Call Back" feature allows you to receive a call back notification on your phone when a called party becomes available (e.g. when you call an on-campus extension that is busy or does not answer). To receive call back notification, press the "CallBack" softkey when you call an extension that is either busy or continues ringing. Note: You cannot activate call back notification if the called party has forwarded all calls to another extension.

How Does CCS Respond to Phishing Email Reports

Phishing emails are a reality in our current email landscape. The University of Guelph has made significant investments in technology to filter out these types of messages. On an average day, the University receives 3.8 million email messages. Of that number, 97% are automatically blocked and identified malicious.

However, attackers work tirelessly to circumvent our security controls, and no matter how much we invest, some phishing messages will get through. On a typical day, CCS receives many reports from clients like yourself.  We rely on these reports to help bolster our defenses and because we get so many of them, we have a standard way to address these reports. Not all actions will be necessary for all reports, but here are some of our standard responses:

  • Acknowledge the report and thank you for reporting it
  • Provide security awareness information as needed
  • Block future messages of this type for all users
  • Purge the message from all campus mailboxes to protect campus users
  • Update the “Recent Scams and Phishing” page to inform others 
  • Assess any additional risk posed by this message and investigate further


Due to the volume of phishing reports, we may not be able to provide a personalized response to all users when they submit a potential phishing message. However, we value every phishing report and appreciate your help in defending the University of Guelph from cyber attacks. 

Visit for more information.

How long does a call remain on hold before it rings back to the phone which placed it on hold?

Calls placed on hold from an IP phone do not ring back. Calls placed on hold from an analog line on the IP system ring back every 20 seconds. Calls placed on hold from an HiCom phone ring back every 2 minutes.

How many numbers will be stored in the Directory of Missed Calls/Received Calls/Placed Calls?

Your Directories of Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Placed Calls will only store the last 32 numbers, in chronological order. When you press your Clear button, all numbers stored in your Directories are cleared. Note: numbers are not cleared one at a time.

How should I clean my new phone?

To clean your Cisco IP phone use only a slightly dampened soft cloth to gently wipe the phone and the LCD screen. Do not apply liquids or powders directly on the phone. As with all non-weather-proof electronics, liquids and powders can damage the components and cause failures.

How should I set the server attribute in the CFPOP and CFMAIL tags?

Please, point your CFPOP tag to Regarding CFMAIL - we set the appropriate SMTP server in the ColdFusion administrator so the server attribute does not have to be specified in the CFMAIL tag - your application will use the default value set by the administrator.

I am unable to access our paging system. I think it may be in a 'hung state'.

After the last person has completed their page, the paging system must hear 6 seconds of silence before it releases the line for another page to be placed. If the user did not correctly hang up then the paging system will revert to a maximum count of 35 seconds, at which time it then releases the line even if a page is still in process.

I can connect to the wireless network, but I am constantly disconnected and have to connect again.

This can be a result of out of date drivers. Please update your drivers. Even though you can connect fine in other areas, there are some wireless coverage areas where there are multiple wireless access points in high density. This can affect connectivity. In addition, some wireless network cards have "roaming sensitivity" settings that you can configure to be less sensitive. If after updating your drivers, you still experience this problem, try setting the roaming sensitivity of your network card to something less than the default. Roaming sensitivity settings can usually be found by: right-click on your network card / Properties / Configure / Advanced

I can find a less expensive Windows computer. Why do I have to order one of these?

The reason why less expensive computers can be purchased is due to the difference between “consumer class” computers versus “business class” computers. 

Consumer class computers are the ones that you might purchase at Staples, or Best Buy, or your local independent computer store.  Dell also has consumer grade models that cost less than our standard, “business class” computers.  Consumer products may be less expensive — this is due to a shorter design lifespan, lower performance, and lower quality.

While non-standard computer models seem to be less expensive, this can be a false economy.  The standard configurations on the online store feature:

  • A comprehensive three-year, on-site support warranty is included in the cost of our standard configurations
  • Internal components used in these systems that do not change over time.  Vendors of consumer grade computers are targeting one-time sales.  They constantly shop for the cheapest internal components.  For this reason, a consumer grade computer that is bought today can be internally different from same make and model computer bought on another day.  While not obvious to a consumer, these differences interfere with the automation tasks that are required for an efficient desktop support service.  Every variant of computer manufacturer and model adds overhead to the support which decreases efficiency and service quality.
  • Business class computers are better designed, have better quality, and are built with higher reliability standards.  A better designed and more reliable computer is a better experience for the end user.  In addition, a fleet of standard reliable computers allows the IT staff to support them efficiently.  Efficient support means better service for you.
  • Business class computers include hardware and software features that improve security and manageability e.g. Trusted Platform Module(TPM), Intel vPro, Dell Command | Update.  Consumer class computers will not have these features.  TPM is a requirement for your computer to be compliant with University security standards because it is essential to encryption and security of the local storage drives.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via the "Require Help" button. A CCS representative will be in touch to better understand your needs and work with you to come up with a solution that will benefit all parties. 

I can't log in to uog-wifi-secure. It seems it doesn't like my userID and/or password.

Try using the CCS password change utility to synchronize your password with the wireless servers. Although the utility will allow you to use the same password during the update process, i.e. using the same password for all three password fields, if you have not changed your password in a while, updated rules may require you to enter a new password.

Follow the instructions for logging into uog-wifi-secure.

I cannot connect to the wireless network. What am I doing wrong?
  • Have you upgraded your drivers? Upgrading network card drivers typically solves connectivity issues.
  • Are you in an area with wireless coverage?
  • Is your wireless network card powered up and/or enabled?
  • Have you configured your network card appropriately?
I cannot find the Campus Directory on my phone.

Do you have the Cisco IP Phone 7940 or 7960? The Campus Directory is currently supported only on these phones. When you press the directory button do you see the fourth menu item and does it say 'Campus Directory'? Is your Directory URL set? To verify this press Settings, then scroll to Network Configuration and then proceed to Directories URL (entry 27 on the 7940 phone). It should be set to Neither of the two parameters can be set directly on the phone - they must be set by the CCS staff. If the Campus Directory is not configured on your phone then please contact the Help Centre at extension 58888.

I have been placed on hold - can I turn the volume down?

As far as volume when somebody puts you on hold--you have the option of turning down the volume on your phone if another user puts you on hold and it is too loud for you. Press the down volume button on your phone (located above the mute and headset buttons).

I have forgotten my password, how do I retrieve it?

There are two ways of having your forgotten password reset; through Password Insurance for users who subscribed to the free service or by contacting the IT Help Desk or CCS Help Centre for non Password Insurance subscribers.

I have more than 7 lines on my phone, and I can only set six of the lines to different ring tones.

A current limitation of the phone system only allows you to use the default plus 6 of the 7 alternate rings.

I have two line appearances, how can I set different ring tones?

Users that have multiple extensions on their phone can have a different ring for each extension. To set up the multiple ring option from your phone: Press settings. Then 2 for ring type. Select 1 -- this is the default ringer for all extensions that ring on the phone. In this mode you have a selection of 26 different rings. Select your favourite ring type. Press the "Save" softkey as you exit the setup menu. If you would like to set a specific extension to ring differently than the default ring: Press the "settings" button on your phone. Press 2 for ring type, then scroll down to the line you want to change and select it. In this mode you only have 7 choices. Again be sure to select the "Save" softkey to keep your settings as you exit this menu.

I hear an echo when making a call.

This can be remedied by lowering your handset volume. If the echo persists, please make a note of the calling party, the called party and forward this information to the Telephone Help Desk, x74663.

I need to temporarily leave the conference what button should I press?

If you need to temporarily leave the conference, consider pressing the mute button to avoid having the on hold beeps play to the conference parties.

I parked a call but it went to Voicemail.

After a call is parked for 2 minutes it will ring back to your phone. At this point the system will treat the call as if it were a new call on the system. It will follow your forward targets, or if there are no forward targets and no call waiting the caller will get a busy signal.

I want additional accessories that are not available in the store, what can I do?

We would be more than happy to procure additional accessories for you. Please describe the additional accessories you need in the notes section when placing the order. We will send you a complete quote including these accessories for confirmation before placing the order. 

I want to adjust the specs of a computer in the store, what do I do?

If you have special requirements that cannot be met by one of our standard devices, we are more than happy to provide a quote for computers that meet your specifications.  We will ensure that the computers we propose align with University security and endpoint management standards.

Please reach out to us via the "Require Help" button. A CCS representative will be in touch in order to better understand your needs and come up with a solution that will benefit all parties involved.

I will be in a double (triple or quad or more) room this year. Will everyone in the room have their own connection to ResNet?

All occupants of double, triple and quad rooms will have the ability to use the network. Some rooms will not have enough ports for all the people in a room, but in this case a hub will be delivered to that room before the beginning of the semester. Instructions for using the hub will be provided.

I would like to add text beside my extensions defined on my 7914, how do I do this?

If you would like to modify the text beside the extensions defined on your 7914, please use the MacDesk on-line request application.  Please remember that only 14 characters can be defined. A suggested format is 9 defined characters + the 5-digit extension, per button.

I would like to split the payment of this order under multiple GL codes

Please reach out to us via the "Require Help" button and explain that you would like to place an order under multiple GL codes. A CCS representative will be in touch in order to assist with this request. 

I'm having problems with my analog device. Who should I call for support?

CCS will verify that the on-campus wiring for the line is ok. If the line is operating fine, then you will be responsible for equipment support.

I've lost my Directories and Ring Type setting; why?

If there is an interruption of power to your phone, or a system wide upgrade, you may lose your Call History and your Ring Type settings. Users may restore the ring type by: Pressing the Settings button, Scrolling to Ring Type. Pressing the Select (soft key) button. Press OK, Press Exit, then press Save

Is Speed Dial available?

Speed Dial is available. Please contact the CCS Help Centre at ext. 58888, option 4. You will be provided with a user id, password and instructions to create speed dials.

My phone displays unknown characters for incoming call display.

This is currently a known issue when callers dial 519-824-4120 to reach a phone in Residence. Tell people who are calling you from off campus to dial 519-824-0022, and your call display will work properly.

My phone is continuously restarting.

Reset the phone by unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in. If the problem persists, call the Telephone Help Desk at x74663.

My redial button does not work.

For security reasons the redial feature is currently not available on the Residence phones. Redial would display your FAC code on the LCD panel.

My wireless internet access is slow in some busy areas. What can I do in this situation?

You may experience performance issue on the wireless network in densely populated locations such as the Library. This issue is caused by the congestion and load on the wireless access point when too many users are attached to it. You may try to use wireless in a less congested area in this situation. Roaming users could experience additional performance degradation. If you have roamed from one building to another, please shutdown your computer for more than five minutes and start up again, then you should get better performance.

Should I update my software?

Companies often release updates to improve security. Keeping your software up to date ensures hackers cannot exploit old vulnerabilities to steal your data. 

The Campus Directory is not showing on my phone.

Begin by checking that your phone is a Cisco Model 7940 or 7960. Models other than this are not supported. Choose Settings; Select Network Configuration. Scroll to the Directory URL and check to see that it reads This is item 27 in the list. As well, check the firmware of the phone: Select Settings; Select Status; Press Firmware Versions. The Ap Load ID should be P00307020400. If one of these pieces of information is incorrect, contact the Help Centre at x58888.

The expansion unit requires a separate power adapter, what may happen if it loses power?

The expansion unit requires a separate power adapter. If power is lost to this unit, the expansion unit will not display the extensions. Appearances of these extensions will continue to operate if active on other phones.

The paging system hung up on me.

Yes, if your page is longer then 35 seconds! There is a maximum page length. However if there is 6 seconds of silence - or dead air then the system will assume the page is complete and hang up.

There are no characters on my LCD display, there is no dial tone. Basically the phone is dead.

The IP phone receives its power from the network jack. Verify that the jack (labelled 10/100SW) on the phone is plugged into the network outlet in the wall. Unplug and re-plug the phone into the network jack. Watch the MUTE button on the phone carefully - it should flash (red) 10 seconds after you plug in the phone. If the light does not flash, and nothing comes up on the phone, it is likely that either the phone, the patch cable, or the port is faulty. Check the cables that run into your computer from the phone and/or from your phone to the network jack. Try replacing the cable (you can borrow one from a neighbour for the purposes of this test). Also, try testing the computer in the network jack without connecting to the phone. One more thing to try ... take your phone to another room and plug it into their IP phone network jack. If this works, your network jack is dead. Make sure you communicate this when you call the Telephone Help Desk (Ext. 74663).

There is a computer that I want that is not available in the store, what can I do?

If the device that you want comes from a different manufacturer or model family, please refer to the information Why do I only see products from Dell, Apple, and Microsoft?

If you need a computer with specifications that are different from our standard devices, see: I want to adjust the specs of a computer in the store, what do I do?

After reviewing this information, if you still need assistance, please reach out to us via the "Require Help" button. A CCS representative will be in touch to better understand your needs and to come up with a solution that meets your requirements while also realizing the benefits of standardization.

What access/services does my Central Login Account provide?

Depending upon your designation on campus, your Central Login Account gives you access to a variety of computing services on campus such as: email, internet, software downloads, website publishing, Blackboard, ResNet, computer labs and printers.

What Are ACLs?

ACL stands for Access Control List and is an extension to the standard Unix file and directory permissions.

What can I do so I won't go over my quota?

Move old emails that you no longer need to your Archive folder, or move them to their local computer, CD or USB key. Check out Your Gryph Mail Quota for information on how to check your quota, what will happen as the amount of quota that is being used approaches  its limit, and steps you can take to ensure you don't go over your Gryph Mail quota.

What contributes to my quota?

The following contributes to your quota: The contents of Gryph Mail powered by Office 365, including inbox, drafts, sent items, deleted items, and any other mail folder, excluding the Archive folder, not saved to your local hard drive.

​For more information about your Gryph Mail quota, check out Your Gryph Mail Quota.

What do I do if I think my computer is infected with a virus?

To check for viruses, first run a scan with your anti-virus software.  If you do not have anti-virus software, the University of Guelph offers McAfee software for free.  If this does not clear up the problem, contact CCS at or visit the CCS IT Help Desk on the first floor of the Library.

What does a caller hear when on hold?

Our present Hold recording is a system Tone-on-Hold. Once a user is placed on hold, they will hear a sequence of 3 tones, followed by approximately 5 seconds of silence. This will repeat continuously until the caller hangs up or the call is taken off "hold".

What does the '?' or 'i' button do?

You may press the blue " ? " (information) button and then any other feature of the phone (e.g., phone button or softkey) to get more information about that key. For example, if you press the " ? " button then the "settings" button, you will see information about the settings button functionality on your phone display. Some older phones may have a blue "i" button instead of the "?" button.

What exactly is a Firewall and should I use it?

A firewall can either be a piece of software or hardware. Firewall software is used to determine what incoming traffic is allowed or needs to be blocked from your computer. In order for this to occur your firewall has to look at every piece of information that tries to enter or leave your computer. If a site is trying to contact your computer and is not recognized by your firewall it will be blocked. You can customize what sites you'd like to have blocked, allowed or filtered and what products are allowed to run, and for advanced users, what ports are open.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers have a built in firewall that is automatically enabled. It can be found in Control Panel -> Fire Wall.

What file types are blocked and cannot be uploaded or sent as attachments?

September 14, 2017

In order to protect users from malicious software, the Information Security team maintains mail security filters to block potentially dangerous executable file types from reaching University mailboxes. We recognize that this may cause some disruption for email users, however we feel that the risk outweighs the end-user impact. 

As well, Microsoft Office365 automatically blocks a number of file types automatically. Additional information on those extensions and advice on how to share files securely can be found here - 

Please note that if a file is blocked, the email will still be delivered and that attachment replaced with a text file with the following message "Dangerous file types are blocked for your protection. For any additional questions, please contact the administrator." If the file is required, please contact the CCS Help Centre for assistance (519) 824-4120 x58888 or 

Blocked Attachment File Types

File Extension to Be Blocked

File Type



Windows Executable
Java Source Code
IRC Script File
Windows Installer Package
Program Information File
Windows System File


Currently Blocked

Batch file
Windows Command File
Windows Dynamic Link Library
MS DOS executable
JavaScript File
Jscript Encoded File
Windows Screensaver
Visual Basic File
Visual Basic Encoded Script
Visual Studio Binary
Microsoft Command

Currently Blocked
(As of August 17th 2017)

Currently Blocked
(As of August 31st 2017)
Shell Script
Shell Script
MS Shell
Windows Installer Patch
System File or Shell Script
Program File
Windows Script
Windows Explorer Command
Windows Scriptlet
Currently Blocked (as of September 14th 2017)


Last Updated: August 6, 2020

What file types are blocked by and cannot be opened by Outlook 2016?

File types blocked by Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 prevents the opening of attachments with potentially unsafe file extensions by blocking nearly 100 different extensions. When you send an email containing an attachment which has a blocked file extension will receive the following message:

This item contains attachments that are potentially unsafe. Recipients using Microsoft Outlook may not be able to open these attachments. Do you want to send anyway?

Recipients using Microsoft Outlook to read an email which contains an attachment with a file extension that Outlook blocks will see the message that the file has been blocked at the top of the email.

Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments...

The CCS Information Security Team also has a list of file types that are blocked as attachments which may be different than the list of attachments blocked by Outlook.  When in doubt, check the Information Security list. The Information Security team uses a tool called IronPort which checks for and blocks incoming mail messages with a banned attachment.

What is an analog line?

An analog line is a service which supports an analog device. There are many devices which use analog lines. These would include Loud Bells, Fax machines, POS Terminals, Analog phones (including cordless devices), and Overhead Paging systems.

What is encryption?

Encryption is the translation of data into a form that is unreadable to anyone without the decryption key. The intention is to ensure the data is kept private and hidden for anyone but the intended receiver with the key. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security, and encrypting your laptop and mobile devices is the most important step you can take to protect your personal information. 


View the Encryption FAQ here.

What is Password Reset (formerly known as Password Insurance)?

Password Reset is a free service provided by CCS to anyone holding a Central Login Account that allows users to reset their own password at anytime, from any computer with an internet connection. Reduce the risk of being locked out of your account, if you ever lose your password, come back here and answer your secret questions to retrieve your new password on the spot.

What is the maximum size file attachment that I can send via email?

The maximum size file attachment that you can send via Gryph Mail is 150 MB.

You should also be aware that although a Gryph Mail user can send and receive attachments of up to 150 MB in size, the recipient's email service can also determine whether delivery of an attachment succeeds or fails.

For example:

Limitations sending or receiving email with Google Gmail:

  • Google Gmail users can receive attachments that are only 50 MB or less in size.
  • Google Gmail users can send attachments of only 25 MB or less in size.
What should I do if I go over quota?

Office 365 has three levels of quota, and it's only when you reach the last one that you can't receive any more mail.  The three levels are:

  1. Warning: Exchange will send you an e-mail telling you that your mailbox is almost full, and asking you to reduce your mailbox size.
  2. No send: at the next level, you will be unable to send any messages, but you can still receive mail. Again, you will receive messages from Exchange telling you what is happening.
  3. No send or receive: finally, as well as being unable to send messages, you will also be unable to receive them. Anyone trying to mail you will have their mail returned as ‘undeliverable’. Exchange will send you messages saying that your account has been ‘closed’: this does not mean you can’t log in and read or delete messages, it just means that you can’t send or receive mail. 

What to do if you receive a quota limit warning in Gryph Mail




What will happen if I go over my quota?

Office 365 has three levels of quota, and it's only when you reach the last one that you can't receive any more mail.  The three levels are:

  1. Warning: Exchange will send you an e-mail telling you that your mailbox is almost full, and asking you to reduce your mailbox size.
  2. No send: at the next level, you will be unable to send any messages, but you can still receive mail. Again, you will receive messages from Exchange telling you what is happening.
  3. No send or receive: finally, as well as being unable to send messages, you will also be unable to receive them. Anyone trying to mail you will have their mail returned as ‘undeliverable’. Exchange will send you messages saying that your account has been ‘closed’: this does not mean you can’t log in and read or delete messages, it just means that you can’t send or receive mail. 

What to do if you receive a quota limit warning in Gryph Mail

When I connect to my paging system, I hear a tone before I make an announcement.

Paging systems now have a pre-announce tone and confirmation tone heard both on the set and over the loudspeakers. Optionally, this can be changed to hear only a confirmation tone on the set. A choice of one of these options is required.

Where can I find help if I am having trouble with my laptop, phone or other device?

CCS provides central computing support to all members of the U of G community through a variety of help services, you may reach us through email, by phone, online or in person.

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Where can I get anti-virus software?

CCS licenses and distributes McAfee anti-virus software at no cost to all registered students, staff and faculty. When you install anti-virus software, you must also update the definition files or it may not detect new viruses. 

Which is the best position for my phone when using the speakerphone, flat or upright?

Upright--when using your speakerphone, your voice will be best heard by others if you have the phone in an upright position (i.e., have the footstand propping the phone up). The phone produces poorer voice quality for your listeners when it lies flat.

Who is eligible to order computers?

University of Guelph Staff and Faculty can order computers through the CCS Computer Web Store after authenticating with their Central Login ID.  For staff members, note that there is an approval process incorporated on the ordering page so that your supervisor will be notified to approve the purchase request.

Students cannot place orders at this time.

Why do I only see products from Dell, Apple, and Microsoft?

Standardization of computer configurations is a well-known and universally adopted good practice in IT support organizations.  There are benefits when the number of makes and models being purchased is limited. For this reason, the online store only supports products from Dell, Apple, and Microsoft, and the number of configurations from these vendors is limited.

At the highest level, the benefits of standardization include:

  • Leveraging our combined purchasing volumes for better pricing, better terms, better delivery times.  Standardization also reduces the total amount of time and effort spent on purchasing spent by individuals and the organization.
  • Reducing the number of variants that must be supported to achieve higher reliability and more efficient support.  Both objectives contribute to a better support experience and optimal productivity for you.
  • Security — higher education is actively targeted by malicious actors who want to steal information and research data or do other harm.  If endpoint computers are not appropriately secured, these devices can provide a foothold for bad actors.  The standard configurations have hardware and manageability features that are critical to properly securing these devices.

Standardization has many benefits for our staff and faculty - it is correlated to the cost efficiency, supportability, and quality of people’s experience using endpoint computers.  With standardization, many computer support tasks can be automated.  Without standard configurations, these changes must be done manually, one computer at a time.  This approach is time consuming and impractical when changes must be made to hundreds of non-standard computers e.g. to apply a critical security patch or to update an application.  When the level of standardization is low, updates and changes that are needed for security are impractical to implement, with result that security risk grows over time.   

Standardized configurations are more reliable, an important benefit, much appreciated by clients.  When there are issues, there is a better chance of correcting them as soon as possible.  Learning how to correct or avoid the issue on one standard computer, allows us to fix the same issue on all computers of the same make and model.

 If you want more information about the benefits of standarization, please feel free to reach out to us via the "Require Help" button. A CCS representative will be in touch to better understand your needs and work with you to come up with a solution that will benefit all parties. 

Why does the CreateObject function or CFObject tag generate an error?

Applications are denied access to the CreateObject function and the CFObject tag due to security considerations. If you are using CFCs please instantiate them with the CFInvoke tag instead of the CFObject.

Will CCS provide support for my personal VoIP phone?

CCS does not provide support for VoIP problems unless they are specifically related to the university provided residence phones.

Will my residence fees be reduced if I bring my own VoIP phone?

There will be no adjustment in residence fees for students who choose not to use the University provided VoIP phones.