Central Login Accounts


Are there any guidelines or policies I must follow in order to use my account?

The use of this account, and the use of any computing services provided by the university, is covered by the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines (AUPG). We recommend you familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities described in the AUPG. Students: your U of G email account is the official method used by the university to communicate important information to students. Regularly checking your U of G email account is part of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

How can I manage my account?

Account Utilities provides an excellent way to manage your Central Login Account and ensure its continued accessibility and security by changing your password, signing up for Password Insurance, changing your password, etc. Visit this page for a complete list of Account Utilities.  If you need to recover items you have deleted from Gryph Mail, check out Email Recovery in Office 365.  For information about your Gryph Mail quota, including how to check usage, check out Your Gryph Mail Quota.

How do I get a Central Login Account?

Depending on your designation on campus, you will be provided with an account either when you are hired as an employee or enrolled as a student.

What access/services does my Central Login Account provide?

Depending upon your designation on campus, your Central Login Account gives you access to a variety of computing services on campus such as: email, internet, software downloads, website publishing, Blackboard, ResNet, computer labs and printers.