Business Phones



I can't use Call Back because the call forwards to Voice Mail.

Call Back can only be activated while the call is either ringing on a person's phone, or busy. When the called party has forwarded their phone to another number or voicemail, or after it has followed the called party's forward targets, Call Back cannot be activated on that extension. If the called party has activated a forward to Voicemail or another extension, the call goes immediately to where the called party has forwarded their extension.

Accidentally, the phone went off-hook, what will happen?

When the phone is in an off hook position you will hear dial tone for approximately 15 seconds. If no digits are entered, then the tone changes to a fast error tone. After approximately 30 seconds the phone returns to idle state, capable of receiving calls.

Can I bypass the greeting when I call someone?

Yes, by pressing the # key during the greeting, you will receive the record prompt (beep).

Can I forward my phone extension to an outside number?

Business extensions can be forwarded to external numbers. More information about Off-Campus Forwarding can be found on the Phone features page

Can I transfer a conference in progress to another phone?

Yes, you may transfer a conference to another CISCO IP telephone by following the transfer instructions. All parties will be transferred.

Do indicators and displays work differently when there is more than one line on a phone, or there is a 7914 expansion unit?

The handset light flashes when a call rings on your phone.  A forwarding icon is displayed (phone with and arrow moving to the right) when you forward the prime extension. The following are the extension indicators: Off - Extension available; Steady Green - Extension in use by you; Steady Red - Extension in use by another phone; Flashing Amber - Extension ringing; Flashing Green - Call on hold.

How can I clear my call history in the Directory area?

Users that wish to clear their call history logs may do so via a softkey on their phone. Select the "directories" button, then choose the "clear" button. This will erase the call logs (missed calls, received calls, and placed calls) from your phone. Note: The campus directory will not be affected.

How can I view the Directory of Missed Calls/Received Calls/Placed Calls/Campus Directory?

Select the directory you wish to view. Use the scroll button to move up or down in the list to view the entries. If you wish to call one of the entries ensure that the entry is selected (the highlighted line indicates the entry is selected). Select the Dial button to begin the call.

How do I forward a voice message that is new or saved to a co-worker?

After listening to a message (press # to skip to the end of a message), you can press "0" to hear more options. The option to forward a message is "5". Note: You can only forward messages to employees that use the ip phones.

How do I forward the secondary line on my phone?

Please email your request to the MACdesk on-line request application. You will be provided with a user id, password and instructions to forward secondary lines.

How do I leave a message for someone without ringing their phone?

Press *77 followed by the extension number.

How does Call Back work?

The "Call Back" feature allows you to receive a call back notification on your phone when a called party becomes available (e.g. when you call an on-campus extension that is busy or does not answer). To receive call back notification, press the "CallBack" softkey when you call an extension that is either busy or continues ringing. Note: You cannot activate call back notification if the called party has forwarded all calls to another extension.

How long does a call remain on hold before it rings back to the phone which placed it on hold?

Calls placed on hold from an IP phone do not ring back. Calls placed on hold from an analog line on the IP system ring back every 20 seconds. Calls placed on hold from an HiCom phone ring back every 2 minutes.

How many numbers will be stored in the Directory of Missed Calls/Received Calls/Placed Calls?

Your Directories of Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Placed Calls will only store the last 32 numbers, in chronological order. When you press your Clear button, all numbers stored in your Directories are cleared. Note: numbers are not cleared one at a time.

How should I clean my new phone?

To clean your Cisco IP phone use only a slightly dampened soft cloth to gently wipe the phone and the LCD screen. Do not apply liquids or powders directly on the phone. As with all non-weather-proof electronics, liquids and powders can damage the components and cause failures.

I am now familiar with the voice mail prompts, can I change to brief menus?

Once you become familiar with voice mail, you may wish to change your prompting level from full to abbreviated menus. To take advantage of the brief menus: Log in to your mailbox. Press 4, then 2, then 3. Press 1 to hear brief menus.

I am unable to access our paging system. I think it may be in a 'hung state'.

After the last person has completed their page, the paging system must hear 6 seconds of silence before it releases the line for another page to be placed. If the user did not correctly hang up then the paging system will revert to a maximum count of 35 seconds, at which time it then releases the line even if a page is still in process.

I cannot find the Campus Directory on my phone.

Do you have the Cisco IP Phone 7940 or 7960? The Campus Directory is currently supported only on these phones. When you press the directory button do you see the fourth menu item and does it say 'Campus Directory'? Is your Directory URL set? To verify this press Settings, then scroll to Network Configuration and then proceed to Directories URL (entry 27 on the 7940 phone). It should be set to Neither of the two parameters can be set directly on the phone - they must be set by the CCS staff. If the Campus Directory is not configured on your phone then please contact the Help Centre at extension 58888.

I have been placed on hold - can I turn the volume down?

As far as volume when somebody puts you on hold--you have the option of turning down the volume on your phone if another user puts you on hold and it is too loud for you. Press the down volume button on your phone (located above the mute and headset buttons).

I have more than 7 lines on my phone, and I can only set six of the lines to different ring tones.

A current limitation of the phone system only allows you to use the default plus 6 of the 7 alternate rings.

I have two line appearances, how can I set different ring tones?

Users that have multiple extensions on their phone can have a different ring for each extension. To set up the multiple ring option from your phone: Press settings. Then 2 for ring type. Select 1 -- this is the default ringer for all extensions that ring on the phone. In this mode you have a selection of 26 different rings. Select your favourite ring type. Press the "Save" softkey as you exit the setup menu. If you would like to set a specific extension to ring differently than the default ring: Press the "settings" button on your phone. Press 2 for ring type, then scroll down to the line you want to change and select it. In this mode you only have 7 choices. Again be sure to select the "Save" softkey to keep your settings as you exit this menu.

I need to temporarily leave the conference what button should I press?

If you need to temporarily leave the conference, consider pressing the mute button to avoid having the on hold beeps play to the conference parties.

I parked a call but it went to Voicemail.

After a call is parked for 2 minutes it will ring back to your phone. At this point the system will treat the call as if it were a new call on the system. It will follow your forward targets, or if there are no forward targets and no call waiting the caller will get a busy signal.

I went to voice mail when I was trying to set up a conference, what should I do?

If you get a party's voice mail or do not wish to add the caller to the conference, you will want to do the following: Press the EndCall soft key Then press the Resume soft key.

I would like to add text beside my extensions defined on my 7914, how do I do this?

If you would like to modify the text beside the extensions defined on your 7914, please use the MacDesk on-line request application.  Please remember that only 14 characters can be defined. A suggested format is 9 defined characters + the 5-digit extension, per button.

I'm having problems with my analog device. Who should I call for support?

CCS will verify that the on-campus wiring for the line is ok. If the line is operating fine, then you will be responsible for equipment support.

I've lost my Directories and Ring Type setting; why?

If there is an interruption of power to your phone, or a system wide upgrade, you may lose your Call History and your Ring Type settings. Users may restore the ring type by: Pressing the Settings button, Scrolling to Ring Type. Pressing the Select (soft key) button. Press OK, Press Exit, then press Save

Is Speed Dial available?

Speed Dial is available. Please contact the CCS Help Centre at ext. 58888, option 4. You will be provided with a user id, password and instructions to create speed dials.

Is the 0 option (referral service) available in the voice mail system?

Yes, we do have this service available for users. When callers are presented with the user's voice mail greeting, they may dial 0 at any time. Further information on referral extensions can be found on the Voice Mail pages. 

The Campus Directory is not showing on my phone.

Begin by checking that your phone is a Cisco Model 7940 or 7960. Models other than this are not supported. Choose Settings; Select Network Configuration. Scroll to the Directory URL and check to see that it reads This is item 27 in the list. As well, check the firmware of the phone: Select Settings; Select Status; Press Firmware Versions. The Ap Load ID should be P00307020400. If one of these pieces of information is incorrect, contact the Help Centre at x58888.

The expansion unit requires a separate power adapter, what may happen if it loses power?

The expansion unit requires a separate power adapter. If power is lost to this unit, the expansion unit will not display the extensions. Appearances of these extensions will continue to operate if active on other phones.

The paging system hung up on me.

Yes, if your page is longer then 35 seconds! There is a maximum page length. However if there is 6 seconds of silence - or dead air then the system will assume the page is complete and hang up.

The phone displays that I have 3 missed calls, but in Voice Mail, I have no messages.

If you return to your office after being out, and you see a message "You have 3 missed calls" on the display, this is an indication that there were missed calls while you were out. You can review information about the calls by pressing the "Directories" button, selecting "Missed Calls" and using the arrow key under the middle of the display to scroll down (or up). If the callers left a message, your display would indicate "You have voicemail" and your handset light would be on. If there is no message indicator flashing then the callers did not leave any messages.

Voice Mail indicators

The red "Message Waiting Indicator" (MWI) will light on the handset, and the screen will display "You Have VoiceMail" when the primary extension has voice mail. The screen will display "You Have VoiceMail", but there will not be a red MWI light, which indicates that a secondary extension has voice mail messages. There will also be an envelope icon beside each extension that has messages.

What does a caller hear when on hold?

Our present Hold recording is a system Tone-on-Hold. Once a user is placed on hold, they will hear a sequence of 3 tones, followed by approximately 5 seconds of silence. This will repeat continuously until the caller hangs up or the call is taken off "hold".

What does the '?' or 'i' button do?

You may press the blue " ? " (information) button and then any other feature of the phone (e.g., phone button or softkey) to get more information about that key. For example, if you press the " ? " button then the "settings" button, you will see information about the settings button functionality on your phone display. Some older phones may have a blue "i" button instead of the "?" button.

What is an analog line?

An analog line is a service which supports an analog device. There are many devices which use analog lines. These would include Loud Bells, Fax machines, POS Terminals, Analog phones (including cordless devices), and Overhead Paging systems.

When I connect to my paging system, I hear a tone before I make an announcement.

Paging systems now have a pre-announce tone and confirmation tone heard both on the set and over the loudspeakers. Optionally, this can be changed to hear only a confirmation tone on the set. A choice of one of these options is required.

Which is the best position for my phone when using the speakerphone, flat or upright?

Upright--when using your speakerphone, your voice will be best heard by others if you have the phone in an upright position (i.e., have the footstand propping the phone up). The phone produces poorer voice quality for your listeners when it lies flat.