Do you have any instructions to help me configure my Macintosh for uog-wifi-secure?

For users of Mac OSX 10.5 and higher check out our instructions for connecting to Secure Wireless (uog-wifi-secure).


How can I allow wireless users access to my server?

If you admin a protected system and wish to allow wireless users access to your system, please add the following IP address range to your IP filters: and

How do I access CFS drives?

If you are connecting from off-campus, you will need to connect via VPN

Once you have logged in to the wireless network, you can use the NET USE command. Here are some examples. You will have to ask your local I.T. administrator for particulars about directory names, etc. Remember to use the /PERSISTENT:NO parameter on shared computers so that your drives will be removed after you log out. For personal computers, you can remove the /PERSISTENT:NO parameter and build a batch file to help simplify the process.

  • For the typical "G" or "Share" drive, use: NET USE G: \\north.cfs.uoguelph.ca\ /PERSISTENT:NO
  • For the typical "H" or "Home" drive, use: NET USE H: \\north.cfs.uoguelph.ca\\home\ /PERSISTENT:NO
How do I connect to the wireless network

The University of Guelph Wireless Network Service is available in various locations around campus and allows users to seamlessly check their email, surf the web and access the network without plugging in cables. You simply need a laptop or mobile device with a Wi-Fi compatible 802.11a/g/n/ac wireless network card and a Central Login Account. Guests on campus can acquire free temporary wireless access by obtaining a U of G Guest Access Account.

For more information check out the Wireless Service Page.


I can connect to the wireless network, but I am constantly disconnected and have to connect again.

This can be a result of out of date drivers. Please update your drivers. Even though you can connect fine in other areas, there are some wireless coverage areas where there are multiple wireless access points in high density. This can affect connectivity. In addition, some wireless network cards have "roaming sensitivity" settings that you can configure to be less sensitive. If after updating your drivers, you still experience this problem, try setting the roaming sensitivity of your network card to something less than the default. Roaming sensitivity settings can usually be found by: right-click on your network card / Properties / Configure / Advanced

I can't log in to uog-wifi-secure. It seems it doesn't like my userID and/or password.

Try using the CCS password change utility to synchronize your password with the wireless servers. Although the utility will allow you to use the same password during the update process, i.e. using the same password for all three password fields, if you have not changed your password in a while, updated rules may require you to enter a new password.

Follow the instructions for logging into uog-wifi-secure.

I cannot connect to the wireless network. What am I doing wrong?
  • Have you upgraded your drivers? Upgrading network card drivers typically solves connectivity issues.
  • Are you in an area with wireless coverage?
  • Is your wireless network card powered up and/or enabled?
  • Have you configured your network card appropriately?
My wireless internet access is slow in some busy areas. What can I do in this situation?

You may experience performance issue on the wireless network in densely populated locations such as the Library. This issue is caused by the congestion and load on the wireless access point when too many users are attached to it. You may try to use wireless in a less congested area in this situation. Roaming users could experience additional performance degradation. If you have roamed from one building to another, please shutdown your computer for more than five minutes and start up again, then you should get better performance.