Personal VO/IP Phones


Can I direct dial campus extensions using my personal VoIP phone?

You will NOT be able to dial any on-campus extensions directly using your personal VoIP phone. This includes the emergency number 2000. If your service provides PSTN access, you will have to dial the appropriate main University number (519-824-4120 for business and 519-824-0022 for residence) to be able to contact on campus extensions. Depending on your service, long distance charges may apply.

Can I have my personal VoIP phone number listed in the campus directory?

Your 5digit campus extension (and the associated voice mail box) is the only official contact method distributed by CCS to the rest of campus. This includes callers dialling the switchboard and anyone looking up your number in the universities online directory. We will not distribute any other number except the 5digit campus extension.

Can I transfer and forward calls between my personal VoIP phone and my residence VoIP

No, you will not be able to transfer or forward calls between your personal VoIP phone and the residence VoIP phone. Third party VOIP services are separate from the University's phone system and, as a result, features like transfer and forwarding will not work between your VoIP phone and the provided residence phone.

Can I transfer my assigned university phone number to my personal VoIP phone?

No, you cannot transfer your university residence extension to your personal VoIP phone. Residence phone numbers are extensions rather than actual phone numbers. As a result they are non-transferable. You will likely need a new phone number from your VoIP service provider unless you already have one with your device.

Can students bring their own Voice over IP phones from home?

Students will be able to use their own Voice over IP phones in residence rooms, but will be responsible for connecting and supporting this service themselves.

Do I need to bring any special equipment to connect my personal VoIP in residence?

Connecting your own VoIP phone in residence will require a router. Your router should be plugged into the PC 10/100 switch found on the underside of the residence VoIP phone. Your personal VoIP phone and computer will then connect to the router. For special instructions on connecting your router, please see the information provided on connecting multiple devices within the ResNet FAQ's. For any additional instructions, please see the vendor site for your VoIP phone.

What should I do with the university supplied VoIP phone that is in my room?

The residence VoIP phones that are supplied within your room must remain connected directly to their wall connection at all times. Students who bring their personal VoIP phones are also expected to answer the university provided phone and voice mail as it is the only official telephone contact the university will have with you while you are on-campus.

What will happen if my personal VoIP phone causes conflicts with the ResNet network?

If your personal VoIP phone equipment creates any sort of problem with the ResNet network, your connection could be shut down. We do our best to notify clients as soon as possible if we have to disable connections, but this communication may not happen prior to disconnection.

Will CCS provide support for my personal VoIP phone?

CCS does not provide support for VoIP problems unless they are specifically related to the university provided residence phones.

Will my residence fees be reduced if I bring my own VoIP phone?

There will be no adjustment in residence fees for students who choose not to use the University provided VoIP phones.