Can I have more than just one computer or device connected to the network at once?

Residents may bring more than one computer to campus and may also bring other network devices to residence if they choose. ResNet only supports one connection per user at any one time, so if you choose to have more than one device connected to the network, you do so at your own risk and without the support of CCS and ResNet. You can learn more by visiting our unsupported devices page within the ResNet section of the website. In order to implement multiple devices on the network, you will need a broadband router. Routers typically come with instructions and it will be your responsibility to set this up. See our unsupported devices page for more suggestions on how to properly configure your router.

How can I get help with my ResNet service?

If you need help connecting for the first time, if your connection has quit working or if you have problems with your computer (virus or spyware, for example) call ResNet support at x58888 or email us at  Support is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:45 PM.

I will be in a double (triple or quad or more) room this year. Will everyone in the room have their own connection to ResNet?

All occupants of double, triple and quad rooms will have the ability to use the network. Some rooms will not have enough ports for all the people in a room, but in this case a hub will be delivered to that room before the beginning of the semester. Instructions for using the hub will be provided.

What does my computer need to work on the ResNet Network?

Most new computers will not have any problems connecting to ResNet. If you have an older computer or an older operating system (for example, Windows 2000 or Windows 98) then you should read our ResNet Getting Started pages to learn about all of the hardware specifications. In most cases, if your computer is "network ready", meaning that it can connect to a broadband network connection, you should have no problems accessing ResNet.

When I open my Internet browser, the ResNet Login page is asking me for a Central Login User ID and password. What's that?

This is the same account and password you use to access your Gryph Mail email. If you have forgotten your password, please call our CCS Help Centre at x58888 to have it reset.

More detail about connecting in residence can be found here:

Where do I get a network cable to connect my computer to the port in my room?

You must supply your own network cable and we recommend you bring a network cable with you when you come to campus to speed up your connection time. Most computer stores or large electronic stores should be able to supply you with a network cable. We recommend you get a 25 foot cable although there are some rooms that may require a longer cable. For more details, see our ResNet Getting Started page.