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WELCOME FirstName LastName,

FIELD AGENT INC  is one of the largest custom market research companies in the world as reflected in our yearly ranking among the North American Marketing Association's Gold Top 50 research firms. Our goal is to offer a clear view of the dynamics for success in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. Through our custom quantitative and qualitative approaches, FIELD AGENT INC  provides global brands with the most strategic and actionable guidance to deliver better business performance and growth.

FIELD AGENT INC  specializes in custom research approaches that address your brand’s specific needs in the marketplace. Leading global companies depend on us to strategically analyze how to optimize brand offerings, identify differentiating innovations.

You will be notified via email as soon as your first official assignment is on the way. Once a task has been assigned to you, procedures and instructions to aid you in the task come afterward.


FirstName LastName || Shopper Scheduling Coordinator.

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This Phishing message is targetting students, and presenting them with what seems to be an offer they can't deny, an easy job that nets you good amount of money. Always be wary of job offers that are too good to be true, in many cases like this one the scammer will send you a faulty check and then aim to take your banking information or steal money from your account. If you have any questions about phishing messages like these please feel free to reach out to the IT Help Centre at 519-824-4120 ext. 58888 or