Financial Aid On Hold - Action Required

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This is a reminder that your financial aid is on hold until all of your documents have been received and processed by our office. Please log in to your [LINK REMOVED] portal to complete the requested information. Submit all required items by July 31 in order to have your file complete before the first fall disbursement. If you believe you have completed all requirements but are still getting this reminder email, please log into your Financial Aid Account at the link above and click the submit button.
Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
University of Guelph
You have been sent this communication as part of the financial aid process. To opt out of automated communications, click unsubscribe  [LINK REMOVED]. You may still receive communication that is not auto-generated and sent by the Financial Aid Office. You are still required to complete any outstanding tasks remaining in this site.



The attachment in this message contains a phishing link which is unsafe.  Please DO NOT click the link or provide your user credentials.

Please report all suspected phising messages by contacting the CCS Help Centre at or at x58888.