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Dear Colleagues:   


Together, we transformed the University, through incredible enrolment growth, new academic buildings, residence halls,   


new academic programs and the creation of a more beautiful campus. None of this would have been possible without the   


forward thinking of our visionary donors.


I thank the corporations that not only gave generously, but also partnered with us in mentoring, and often hiring our   


students. I thank the alumni who contributed so that students such as they once were could be helped in their   


educational journeys. I thank our deans, faculty and staff for leading and organizing the compelling programs and   


important research that inspired this support. I also thank our legislators for the Tier One legislation that leveraged   


our donors' generosity to deliver the greatest possible impact, and The University of Guelph System Board of Regents for their visionary support.  


Finally, I sincerely thank each member of the University Campaign Council for your help in championing the ambitions of   


the University. We could not have made our goal without you. Detailed information can be found in the attachment to this   


email. All employees are advised to review the information.  


Yours sincerely,  

Dr. Franco J. Vaccarino   

President, University of Guelph


The attachment in this message contains a phishing link which is unsafe. Please DO NOT click the link or provide your user credentials. Always follow safe email practices and closely check the sender of any messages you receive. Verify any requests following established business practices and always follow up with the requestor in person or via phone to ensure the legitimacy of the request. Please report all suspected phishing messages by contacting the CCS Help Centre at 58888help@uoguelph.ca or at x58888.