Gartner Research Portal

CCS has recently activated campus access for all faculty, staff and students to Gartner research services currently in place for the University of Guelph community. Each member of the University has direct access to the Gartner research portal. 

Service details

Students, faculty, and staff can build a personal library of Gartner IT reports, research, and webinars through the My Gartner dashboard. Login with your Single Sign-On credentials via the U of G Gartner Portal

Gartner is the global leader in providing accurate and current research for the technology industry. Providing help to staff, students and faculty to translate complex IT issues to comprehensive advice and meaningful analysis, as well as educating on anticipated issues. Gartner offers the combined brainpower of 1,900+ research analysts and consultants who advise executives in 80+ countries every day. They publish tens of thousands of pages of original research annually and answer 300,000+ client inquiries every year. Gartner can help you make smarter and faster decisions.

Gartner is provided to the campus community by CCS. There is no cost to U of G users for this service. 

If you need help or have questions about the service, please email us at or check our CCS Help Services page for more ways to contact us:

There may be scheduled maintenance or a service issue occurring. Please refer to CCS System Status Page for more information:

For specific help with Gartner, please contact the Gartner Technical Support staff for assistance. 

Access to Gartner is expected to be available at all times. Service outages and/or system maintenance that affects Single Sign-On (SSO) would impact the ability to access Gartner through your U of G account. All service outages and maintenance activities will be posted to CCS Status Page

Access to the extensive Gartner research portal is available for anyone who has a U of G central login account: 

  • Students 
  • Staff 
  • Faculty 

Gartner is available to U of G staff, faculty and students via the U of G Gartner Portal.

If you are already logged in via Single Sign-On when you click the above link, you should be automatically logged in to the Gartner portal. If you were not previously not logged in via Single Sign-On, you will first be asked to log in on the U of G login page, and then you will be automatically logged in to your personal Gartner portal.