Gryph Mail

Gryph Mail is the University of Guelph's integrated collaboration suite. Gryph mail features email, calendars, address books, document editing, and file storage (briefcase), all accessible from a web browser.

Who is Eligible to Use Gryph Mail?

All staff, faculty, students, employees, affiliates, and members of the University of Guelph community are eligible to access Gryph Mail using their central login ID.

How Do I Access Gryph Mail?


Compatibility Update

Please note that GryphMail currently has compatibility issues with Windows 8 devices running Internet Explorer 10.  If you have any issues loading the GryphMail web client please select 'Compatibility' mode in Internet Explorer or try another browser (Firefox, Chrome)


Gryph Mail accounts are created automatically for staff, faculty, students, or anyone with a University of Guelph central login ID.

You can access Gryph Mail in any of the following ways:

Support for Gryph Mail

Support for Gryph Mail is provided through:

To receive updates on changes to Gryph Mail, subscribe to the CCS Gryph Mail mailing list.

Service Level Agreement

Service targets for Gryph Mail are formally  defined in the service level agreement  that can be accessed from this page.


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