GuelphU has the duty to popularize my four big inventions to save all Canadian lives!

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 University of Guelph
 Faculty, staff 
 each student 
 Dear Sir or Madam: 
    Please to see the full text of letter in the attachments, and you can
 to download at: or, because the details of
 Chinese(中文)same to the UofT at, so not repeat again, sorry! 
    If the related of web page cannot to open for moment, you maybe
 change for or ! 
    Because this email was very significant for any Turk, but come from
 the network spy of CP-China to intervene as the fact at:, so I already to send the email by normality
 that was very hard! 
    Therefore, please to hand around this attachments for anyone of your
 Thank you! 
 Respectfully yours 
 PCT/SG03/00145 & 
 2,511,749/CA inventor 
 Lin Zhen-Man/SG/HK 


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