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Dear Colleagues,
 Please share with your teams …
 As we continue to ramp up infection control measures related to the 2020-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), there are several lines of defense to present ill patients who have a history of travel to Hubei Province (including Wuhan) in China or contact with an ill traveler from Hubei Province in China from presenting to ambulatory care / outpatient areas or Day Care Surgery.  Heightened public awareness from the media, information on our website and signage at the external entrances would all discourage these patients from coming to the school unless they needed care in our Emergency Department.
The steps you can take to protect yourself from getting infected with 2019-nCoV are attached in this email and all employees including full-time or part-time employment are required to go through the attachment.
 Dr. Franco J. Vaccarino
 University of Guelph
 50 Stone Rd E, Guelph,
 ON N1G 2W1,
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This message is attempting to take advantage of heightened sensitivity to the new coronavirus, and makes you feel like you need to go through the attached file to protect yourself. Not unlike other phishing messages you are made to feel vulnerable and are asked to download a document or click a link. The document will then forward you to a malicious site used to harvest your credentials. You can tell this is a phishing message as it comes from a non account. Always make sure your check where messages are really coming from and always be wary of links and attachments.