How do I schedule a job, e.g., a database report? Can I use CfSchedule?

If you need to run a specific job please design and test a CFMX script which executes the job, then contact the CCS Help Centre (preferably by email) and submit the following information:

  1. Which CFMX server should this task be set up - production or stage. Each task is to be tested on the stage first before moving to production.
  2. Top level directory for your website - if your website is “” then the top level directory is myweb
  3. Optional name of the task - the full task name will be "YourContextName.OptionalPart". This can be used in your future requests to refer to this specific task
  4. URL of the page which executes the job
  5. Request timeout - please, design your scheduled tasks efficiently, i.e., make them complete quickly. CCS reserves the right to suspend any task that may have a negative impact on the CFMX service
  6. StartDate, startTime, interval, endDate, endTime (see the cfschedule tag for details). The scheduled tasks should run outside of the peak hours, i.e., in early morning hours. If you do not require any specific time then give us an approximate window when you wish to run the job and we will coordinate it with other scheduled tasks
  7. Should the output be saved in a file? If yes then submit the file name and directory name (please, set the appropriate permissions for the cfmx server)
  8. Any other requested parameters - see the cfschedule tag for details