How Does CCS Respond to Phishing Email Reports

Phishing emails are a reality in our current email landscape. The University of Guelph has made significant investments in technology to filter out these types of messages. On an average day, the University receives 3.8 million email messages. Of that number, 97% are automatically blocked and identified malicious.

However, attackers work tirelessly to circumvent our security controls, and no matter how much we invest, some phishing messages will get through. On a typical day, CCS receives many reports from clients like yourself.  We rely on these reports to help bolster our defenses and because we get so many of them, we have a standard way to address these reports. Not all actions will be necessary for all reports, but here are some of our standard responses:

  • Acknowledge the report and thank you for reporting it
  • Provide security awareness information as needed
  • Block future messages of this type for all users
  • Purge the message from all campus mailboxes to protect campus users
  • Update the “Recent Scams and Phishing” page to inform others 
  • Assess any additional risk posed by this message and investigate further


Due to the volume of phishing reports, we may not be able to provide a personalized response to all users when they submit a potential phishing message. However, we value every phishing report and appreciate your help in defending the University of Guelph from cyber attacks. 

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