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Departments that store and process paper documents may opt to scan documents into a digital format and use ImageNow to store and retrieve them.

Service details

The server which stores the documents is hosted on campus, making it suitable for storage of documents containing Restricted (S4) Data, as defined in the University of Guelph Data Storage Guidelines.


  • Capture documents through an integrated scanning process, file import, and direct printing
  • Assignment of custom metadata to documents
  • Robust permissions model
  • Desktop client and Web client access
  • Workflow processes definition
  • Enforcement of retention policies
  • Scriptable integration with other systems
  • Customizable document annotation
  • Screen scraping to associate metadata from external application with documents (current such integrations include Colleague and Oracle E-Business)
  • Automated document import processes

Current users of the system have been able to convert filing storage rooms to offices, electronically route documents throughout campus, automate document sorting and task assignment, and reduce the work required to find and retrieve documents. 

Departments will purchase their own scanners and computers that serve as the scanner workstation. To enable scanning directly to ImageNow, a CaptureNow license will need to be purchased at approximately $2400 per scanner. Additionally, based on the number of users in your department that will be accessing the service concurrently, user licenses may need to be purchased to increase the license pool.

IT Administrator Guide for those supporting departments using ImageNow (U of G Office 365 login required).

WebNow users may find the OGPS End User Guide helpful.

Departments using ImageNow usually have a local expert who can quickly answer common questions and will escalate issues to the appropriate resources.  Otherwise, email Computing and Communications Services (CCS) at

Item Expectation
Service availability 24x7 except for scheduled maintenance (see CCS System Status or the CCS Maintenance Calendar).
Service requests and problems Response time vary depending on the nature of the issue.

Email and the service analysts will contact you to discuss setup of a solution.

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