Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Updated AUP Approved Dec. 3/12

The AUP (full name University of Guelph Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology) defines the acceptable use and breaches of acceptable use of information technology resources at the University.  The policy applies to anyone who uses or accesses any IT resource belonging to, or under the control of or in the custody of, the University of Guelph.

By using the University's IT resources, all users agree to comply with this policy.  Users have an obligation to take all reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of IT resources.

The policy builds on the principles of accountability, transparency, privacy, and fairness, to support a functional environment for work and study in which IT resources are protected.  It also outlines the process used to resolve any allegations of inappropriate activity.

The new policy has been significantly simplified and reduced in length. It uses general language as much as possible, but reflects current realities. Retained are the notions of personal use, privacy, and support of the mission of the University of Guelph. To help with upcoming discussions and frame the new draft policy, the following list highlights high-level changes from the current policy:

  • Principles are clearly identified, and were used throughout our deliberation process
  • Definitions of relevant terms are presented up-front
  • Circumstances requiring access by the University of personal resources are clearly defined
  • Good judgement and specific contexts (e.g. research) are referenced for some activities
  • Pornographic and offensive material are included as breaches in broad circumstances
  • The IT Security Officer role is explicitly responsible for enforcement; the CIO role as an avenue of appeal.
  • It is made explicit that in addition to outcomes under the AUP, information collected under an AUP investigation may be shared for the purpose of prosecutions or investigations under other laws, policies and/or collective agreements.

 The full Acceptable Use Policy For Information Technology (approved on December 3, 2012) is here.