InfoSec Blog - Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020 - Week #2 Device Security

Cyber Security Awareness Month

October 13, 2020

Last week we kicked off our first all online Cyber Security Awareness Month and the response has been very encouraging.

  • 1,288 people took last week’s Password Security quiz.

  • 1,093 people have tried the Virtual Escape Room with over 217 getting out successfully! Nice work!

  • 52 players have registered for the Capture the Flag Challenge

If you haven’t joined in yet, the good news is that there is plenty of time left. Visit our 2020 Roadshow website ( for a full list of all of the planned events and activities, along with all of the prizes available just for taking part!


This Week is Device Security Week!

As the majority of the University community continue to work and learn remotely, keeping our computing devices safe and secure is especially important. You may be using a personal computer while at home, or mobile devices to work or take classes, so ensuring those devices are secure are incredibly important to protect your data and the University.


For more tips and resources on working securely when remote, check out our blog posts on working remotely:


The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security also has some great quick reference sheets available on these topics:


Do you already practice good device security habits? Want to win a $25 Starbucks Gift Card? Simply take this week’s security awareness quiz for a chance to win!


Careers in Cyber Security Panel Discussion - Wednesday October 14

Our first panel discussion on “Careers in Cyber Security” happens this week on Wednesday October 14.  We are very excited about this session and look forward to lots of questions and interaction with the campus community.

Visit the Roadshow website for full details on this event, download the calendar reminder, and for more chances to participate and win great prizes.


Thank you for your assistance and continued support in our cyber security awareness efforts, and please feel free to share this message.


Written by: Stephen Willem (Chief Information Security Officer)