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December 1, 2018

Without a doubt, the Internet of Things makes our lives easier and has many benefits; but we can only reap these benefits if our Internet-enabled devices are secure and trusted. Here are some tips from the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. campaign and National Cyber Security Alliance to increase the security of your Internet-enabled devices:

  • Keep a clean machine. Like your smartphone or PC, keep any device that connects to the Internet free from viruses and malware. Update antivirus and anti-malware software regularly on the device itself as well as the apps you use to control the device.
  • Think twice about your device. Have a solid understanding of how a device works, the nature of its connection to the Internet, and the type of information it stores and transmits.
  • Secure your network. Properly secure the wireless network you use to connect Internet-enabled devices. Don't forget to use a strong password and update software regularly to protect your Wi-Fi router at home.
  • Understand how to keep IoT devices up to date. This includes any software updates that might be needed and passwords or other ways of securing devices.
  • Understand what's being collected. Most IoT devices require data collection. Take the time to understand what information your connected devices collect and how that information is managed and used.
  • Where does your data go? Many IoT devices will send information to be stored in the cloud. Understand where your data will reside and the security protecting your personal information.
  • Do your research! Before you adopt a new smart device, research it to make sure others have had positive experiences with the device from a security and privacy perspective.


Source: Educause Security Awareness


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