Installing MATLAB

Be sure to save your work and exit all non-essential applications before proceeding with the installation. 

  1. Unless otherwise specified, after you have downloaded MATLAB from the CCS Software Distribution Site you will find the installation files in your Downloads folder.

    download directory
    Double-click on setup.exe to begin the installation of MATLAB"
  2. If the following window appears then select the 'Use a File Installation Key No Internet connection required '  option and then click on 'Next'. Select Installation Method
  3. A license agreement appears, if you agree to the terms select the button to the right of ‘Do you accept the terms in the license agreement’ and click ‘Next’. 
    License Agreement

  4. In the next window select "I have the File Installation Key for my license.  The File Installation Key can be found in the Installation Directory.  Get the File Installation Key from "file installation key.txt". Copy and paste the key into the File Installation Key Key window.  Click on Next >

    File Installation Key entry
      file installation key.txt

  5. Here you input the installation folder for MATLAB. By default it will install to the folder C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018a. If you wish to change the installation directory click on the ’Browse’ and select a different directory. Once you are done select ‘Next >’.

     Choose Installation Folder:
  1. The next window will allow you to pick which products to install.  You can accept the default and click on Next >.
    Product Selection
  2. The next window appears and prompts you for the full path to the license file. The license file name is license.dat. Assuming you downloaded the software to the default directory, the full path of the license file is C:\Temp\Matlab 2010b\license.dat. If the software was not downloaded to the default directory, then browse to the location where the software was downloaded, and select the license.dat file.

    License File location
  1. The next window will allow you to select some installation options.  You have the option to add shortcuts to your Desktop or Start menu.

    Installation Options
  2. Before you begin the installation, a window will appear confirming what products you will be installing, the total size of the installed products, and where the installation folder is.  Verify that the options chosen are correct and click on Install >.

    Installation will begin:

  3. At the end of installation, a window may appear giving any additional configuration steps that may be required.  Click on 'Next' once you have completed reading the notes.

    Post Installation Product Configuration Notes
  4. Click on the 'Finish' button to complete the setup.


For More Information

If you have any questions please contact the CCS Help Centre by email or call x58888.