Placing Calls

Long Distance Service

Questions about your long distance charges should be directed to Telephone Billing Enquiries, x52665 within 30 days of the long distance bill date. Do not contact external carriers (e.g. Telus, Bell Canada). Please note that 8% PST is applied to all long distance charges.

If you have questions regarding long distance access, costs or investigations, call x52665 or email

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Before Placing Long Distance Calls

  • Long distance calls should be kept as brief as possible 
  • Before placing the call, check the different time zones
  • Check the telephone directory before dialling to eliminate wrong numbers and directory information charges
  • Have all correspondence ready before calling to avoid creating an impression of disorganization by continuously leaving the line
  • If the party you are calling is not in a position to discuss the subject with you, ask them to call you back when they are ready

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Long Distance Charges

Long distance charges are calculated based on the length of the call, then billed to each department. You will also be charged for a completed long distance call if you allow your call to ring more than six times.

To query calls charged, please contact Telephone Billing Enquires, x52665, or email within 30 days of the long distance bill date. 

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Overseas Calls

For countries that can be dialled directly see the introductory pages in the telephone directory or the online International Dialling Code page. For codes not listed, please call the operator, dial "9" + "0" and ask the operator to place the call.

Direct-dial station-to-station: Dial 9 + 011 + country code + the routing code + the local number.

Person-to-person, collect, calling card and calls billed to a third number: Dial 9 + 01 + the country code + the routing code + the local number. An operator will come on the line to handle the call details.

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Operator Assisted Calls

Operator assisted rates apply on these type of calls. The rates are higher than direct-dial calls and will be charged to the phone extension. Please note, if you pause more than 4 seconds after dialling "9" + "0", your call will automatically be connected to an operator.

Person-to-person calls: Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number . When the operator comes on the line, say " Person-to-person " and give the name of the person you are calling, along with your departmental direct-in-dial number for billing purposes.

Collect Calls: Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number . When the operator comes on the line, say " Collect " and give your name.

Calling Card calls: Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number . When the operator comes on the line, say " Calling card call " and give your card number.

Calls billed to a third number: Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number . When the operator comes on the line, say " Bill to .... " and give the area code and number to be billed.

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Directory Assistance

For on campus numbers you can use any of the following:

  • search the University of Guelph telephone/email directory
  • the Campus Directory which can be found under the "Directory" option on your phone
  • dial 0 for the University of Guelph switchboard

For an external number:

  • Look up a number on a free service
  • You can call an operator by dialing "9-411", a charge of 75 cents applies for each listed number that is requested
  • For phone numbers in other cities, you may dial 9-1-(area code of city) 555-1212, a 75 cent charge applies for this service

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Directory Listing Changes

Changes or corrections to the telephone/email directory, including email changes, should be reported to To ensure incoming calls are forwarded to the appropriate department please notify the University switchboard (dial 0) of conferences or special event. Please have ready the name of the event, the number or extension and the duration of the event, to ensure that the incoming calls are forwarded appropriately.

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Calling Cards

Departmental administrative assistants can obtain long distance calling cards by sending a request to Your request should contain your budget number and extension number for billing purposes. If you leave the University, please return the calling card to your department administrative assistant for cancellation. For further information, call x52665.

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Direct-In-Dial Lines

A direct-in-dial line is a ten digit university telephone number that bypasses the main University switchboard and rings directly to an individual or department. A direct-dial line can also be a five digit extension number.

For example, 519-767-5000 is also x55000. Direct lines at the University of Guelph begin with 519-767-50xx. Direct lines are available at an additional monthly charge. Please contact your local departmental administrative assistant to coordinate your phone request.

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