Voice Mail

Getting Started

Voice Mail is an additional service. Please ask your department administrative assistant for information on the monthly cost of this service. If you are interested in obtaining a voice mail account please have your Administrator send a request to MACdesk using our on-line request application.

You will be notified once the voice mail account is created.

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Activate Voice Mail

Computing and Communications (CCS) supplies you with a voice mail account and PIN. Your initial PIN is 12369.

  1. Select the voice mail button (the button with either an envelope icon or the word messages) or dial 40000. If you are calling from off-campus dial the University at 519-824-4120 and press *.
  2. Enter your ID (phone extension), then press #.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. You will then be asked to :
    • Record your name
    • Record a personal greeting
    • Set a new PIN (minimum 5 digits)

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Audible Message Waiting Indicator

Audible MWI, an accessibility feature, notifies visually impaired users of voice messages with a stutter dial tone. Every time the handset is lifted the dial tone interrupts three times until the voice message is either deleted or saved.

Note: This feature is only available on 7942/7962 models. Please have your Departmental Administrator contact the MACdesk using our on-line request application if you require this feature.

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Change PIN

You can change your PIN as often as you wish. Minimum PIN length is five digits. System timeouts will prevent you from entering a PIN any longer than 15 to 20 digits.

  1. Log On
  2. Press 431 and follow voice prompt instructions.

Please note: Trivial PIN checking is now more strict. There are additional checks to ensure your PIN is not easily guessed. These checks include:

  • digits are not all the same (for example, 99999)
  • digits are not consecutive (for example, 12345 or 54321)
  • PIN is not the same as your extension
  • does not spells your first or last name, or any other obvious words
  • does not contain your extension
  • is not reverse of your extension or contains the reverse your extension
  • does not use the same digits more than twice in a row (for example, 90002)
  • is not a 1-digit increment of a previous password (for example, 20185 to 20186)
  • does not contain fewer than three different digits (for example, 18181)

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 Check Messages

From your campus phone

Press the messages button (or dial 40000) then enter your PIN as prompted.

From your Office 365 Gryph Mail account / Unified Messaging

The Unified Messaging/Single Inbox is an optional service that allows voicemails to be sent to your U of G email address as audio file attachments (.wav files). If you opt-in to this service, you will be able to check your voicemails either on your business phone, or in your email inbox with any device that can access your Office 365 Gryph Mail account and play a .wav file.

Note: If an emailed voicemail is deleted, it will be deleted from your phone voicemail as well (with a five-day recovery period via email).

See the Unified Messaging FAQ for more information. To request this service, send a request to IThelp@uoguelph.ca, or dial 519-824-4120 Ext. 58888.

From a campus phone other than yours

Press the messages button (or dial 40000) then press * . You will be prompted for your ID, which is your five-digit extension, then #. You will then be prompted for your PIN.

From off campus 

Dial 519-824-4120, then enter 40000. Press * once voice mail answers. You will be prompted for your ID, which is your five-digit extension, then #. You will then be prompted for your PIN.

Press 1 to play new messages or press 3 to review old messages. Use the following keys to manage your messages or control playback.

Key Task
1 Replay message
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Reply
5 Forward Message
6 Save as New
7 Rewind
9 Play message properties
# Save as is

Please note: The system also allows you to conveniently “Go to a specific saved message”. You can listen to a saved message by entering the message number.


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Create / Send Message

Instead of calling someone you can use this feature to create a message and then send it to one or more voice mail box users. See Distribution Lists for creating lists of frequently used mailbox numbers.

  1. Log On
  2. Press 2 and follow voice prompt instructions

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Direct to Voicemail Dialing

The direct to voicemail feature allows you to leave a voicemail message for someone without ringing their phone. To use the direct to voicemail dialing feature, dial *77 + <extension>.

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Private Distribution Lists

A private distribution list is a list of frequently used mailbox numbers. The voice messaging system can provide up to 25 private lists for each mailbox. Each list can contain up to 99 numbers. To establish a group list in the voice mail system do the following:

  1. Log in to your mailbox
  2. Press 4 (Setup) + 2 (Message Settings) + 4 (Edit Private Lists)
  3. Press 2 (Change Names)
  4. Enter the List Number (1 through 25)

Follow the options presented to setup your list.

  1. Press 1 to add names to your list.
  2. Press 2 to hear the current names in the list.
  3. Press 3 to remove a name in the list.
  4. Press 4 to record the name of the list. (Accounting, Meeting, etc.)
  5. Press 0 for help

When prompted, enter the extension where you wish to send the message, or enter the number of the list you wish to send to (1-25). The voicemail system will automatically detect that you with to send the message to your defined private list.

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  • Easily accessible from any phone on campus or off campus.


  • Two Personalized greeting options
  • Voice mail record and retrieval
  • Message notification options, e.g., normal, urgent message indicators
  • Automatic insertion of sender 's phone or mailbox number
  • Reply to sender

User Friendly Phone

  • Voice message delivery options, e.g., normal, urgent or specify future delivery


  • Message management capabilities , eg. mark messages as new, old, expired or deleted
  • Playback message options, e.g. skip forward, replay, pause, reply to sender or forward
  • Message review, re-record and append options

Message Alerts

  • Message Waiting Indication (the lamp lights and the new mail icon flashes on the phone display when a new message is received)

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Forward Message

  1. Log On
  2. After hearing message, press 5 and follow voice prompt instructions.

Please note: Whenever you forward a message, the original date and time of that message is not forwarded; the date and time heard will be when the message was forwarded. You can include the original date and time in your introduction to the forwarded message.

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Recorded Name

A recorded name identifies you to other callers and also lets others know who left a message. To personalize your recorded name:

  1. Log On
  2. Press 432 and follow voice prompt instructions

Please note: In the absence of a recorded name, the voice mail system will digitize your name using a text-to-speech (TTS) engine. This digitized name is presented to callers at many times, namely when they begin hearing a message from you. For the most part, this process is fairly accurate, however, with international names, the result can be less than ideal. To hear what your digitized name sounds like, simply sign-in to your voice mail box. Your digitized name will be presented to you if you have not personalized your recorded name. If you don't hear your digitized or recorded name when you sign in to your voice mail box - you can leave yourself a message, and then hear your digitized or recorded name before you listen to your message.

Please note: The voice mail system states incorrect information regarding what the callers hear when there is no recorded name or greeting. Callers will hear "<digitized name>" is not available rather than "extension 12345 is not available".

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Record Personal Greeting

You can record up to six personal greetings that callers hear when you are not available to take calls. The voice mail system plays your greeting for the applicable situation:

Standard greeting - when you enable it, this greeting plays during normal business hours (For example, “You have reached, name, at extension 5xxxx, I am unable...”)

Closed - when you enable it, this greeting plays outside of normal business hours.

Alternate greeting - when you enable it, this greeting plays to indicate special circumstances, such as when you are on vacation. (For example, “I will be out of the office until...”) The system will remind you when this greeting is active. Callers will not be able to skip your alternate greeting when enabled.

Busy greeting - If enabled this greeting will play when your phone is in a busy state. Please note: Activating this greeting will not turn off call waiting. Callers would normally only get this greeting when you already have at least two calls on the line. Shared lines and custom "multiple calls per extension " settings will alter this behaviour.

Internal greeting - If enabled, this greeting will be played when an internal caller reaches your extension. An internal caller is defined as someone who as a voicemail subscriber.

Holiday Greeting - If enabled, this greeting plays for 24 hours on the day of any holiday observed by the University (including the December/January break).

  1. Log On
  2. Press 413 and follow voice prompt instructions

Please note: If you record a standard greeting only, the standard greeting will be played for all other greetings. Enabling the alternate greeting will take precedence over all other greetings.

Please note: When activating all but the standard greeting, the system will provide you with an option to enter an expiration date. Once expired the greeting you are enabling will become disabled. This may be used when leaving for a set time i.e. vacation.

Please note: Business hours are defined as 8:30 AM to 4:45 PM (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM during the summer) and holidays will be defined as per Human Resources holiday communique.

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Referral Extensions

A referral extension presents the caller with an option to press "7", "8", "9" or "0". The referral extension can be another on-campus extension or an off-campus telephone number. Only local numbers (including extended local calling area numbers) are accepted at this time. To activate a referral extension:

  1. Log in to your mailbox
  2. Press 4 (Setup)
  3. Press 5 (Alternate Contact Numbers) and follow the prompts - you will first hear what is programmed for the "7" key. You can edit the key by pressing #, or cycle to the next key "8" by pressing 9. Keep cycling through by pressing 9 until you reach the key you want to program.
  4. Record your greeting to include a reference to the referral extension, e.g. "Press 0 if this is an emergency and your call will be re-directed to my lab.", or "Press 7 and you will reach me on my cell phone."

Please note: If entering an "off-campus" telephone number, remember to add the "9" before the area code + number.

Note: "Off-campus" referral extensions is a chargeable item and is included with "off-campus" forwarding. Please contact the MACdesk using our on-line request application to have "off-campus" forwarding enabled for your extension.

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Reply to Message

When another voicemail user leaves or sends you a message, you can reply to the sender by leaving a message directly in their mailbox without calling them back. If the message was sent to you and to other people, you can reply to them as well as to the originator.

  1. Log On
  2. After hearing message, press 4 to reply only to sender, or press 42 to reply to sender and all recipients

Please note: If after listening to a message you want to speak immediately with the person who left the message, use the Call Sender feature to automatically dial the on-network number that called you. After hearing the message, press 44.

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 Set Special Delivery Options

When you create messages, you can tag them:

  1. Urgent to announce an urgent message
  2. Return receipt to notify you that the recipient has received your message
  3. Private so that the recipient cannot forward it
  4. Future delivery for the date and time you specify
  1. Log on
  2. After creating a message, press 13 and
    • Press 1 for Urgent delivery
    • Press 2 for Return receipt request
    • Press 3 for Private
    • Press 4 for Future delivery

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Undelete Messages

Deleted messages from up to five days ago can now be undeleted. To retrieve a previously deleted message:

  1. Login to Voice Mail
  2. Press 3 for old messages
  3. Press 2 for deleted messages
  4. Press 1 to review the messages
  5. Press 2 to restore the message as saved

Please Note: To permanently delete all deleted messages so they cannot be retrieved, press 322 from the main menu and follow the voice prompt instructions. Select only voicemail messages for deletion.

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Voice Enabled Menus

Voice enabled menus allow you to use spoken word to play and send messages and otherwise traverse the phone menus presented to you. You can use natural language such as "play new messages", "delete that message", "call John Doe", etc. Help is available by saying "help" and you can temporarily switch back to using the telephone keypad by saying "touchtone conversation". Additional voice menu commands are included below.

Please note: Please consider your work area before selecting the voice recognition menu. Voice recognition menus are not turned on by default.

While listening to the Main Menu:

  • “Play messages” (for all messages)
  • “Play <new or saved or deleted> messages"
  • “Play <new or saved or deleted> messages from <subscriber>"

Message Playback:

During or after message playback:

  • "Send a message"
  • “Repeat message”
  • “Next message”
  • “Previous message”
  • “Save”
  • “Delete”
  • “Reply” or “Reply to all”
  • “Forward”
  • “Mark new”
  • “Message properties”
  • “Repeat message”
  • “Call sender”*
  • “Resend”

Sending a Message:

At the main menu:

  • "Cancel"

After recording and addressing message:

  • "Repeat"
  • "Send"
  • "Edit message"
  • "Review message"
  • "Edit recipients"

Placing Calls:

At the main menu:

  • "Call <subscriber>"
  • "Call <extension>"

Universal Commands:

At any time:

  • "Main Menu"
  • "End Call" or "Goodbye"
  • "Help"

Other Commands:

At the main menu:

  • "Play X greeting"
  • "Record X greeting"
  • "Turn on X greeting"

where X is greeting name

  • "Touchtone Conversation"
  • 'Setup Options"
  • "Tutorial"

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