Residence Phone Features


Call Back

To be notified when an extension becomes available:

  1. Press the CallBack softkey
  2. When the extension you called is available to receive a call, you will receive an audio and visual alert from your phone
  3. Press Dial.

To cancel the call back notification press the Cancel softkey. Please note: You cannot cancel Call Back once you exit the Call Back screen. You cannot activate Call Back if the called party has forwarded all calls to another extension.

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Call Forward

When the phone is idle press the CFwdAll softkey and then dial the required residence extension.

To forward calls to voice mail:

  1. Press CFwdAll
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Select Messages
  4. To cancel call forward, press CFwdAll again.

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Call Hold

To place a call on hold, press the Hold button. This button can be found to the left of the scroll key. To reconnect with the call, press the Hold button again.

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Call Transfer

To Another Extension

  1. Press the Transf.. softkey
  2. At the dial tone, dial the other extension
  3. Announce the call and press Transf.. again

Retrieve Call if no one Answers

  1. Press the EndCall softkey
  2. Then the Hold button

To transfer a call directly to someone's voice mail box, follow the instructions above, but dial *77 before the extension. The greeting will begin playing again from the beginning when the caller is transferred.

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Call Waiting

When you are on a call and a new call rings to your phone, you will hear a call waiting tone and see caller ID information on the phone's LCD screen.

To answer the new call:

  1. Press the Answer softkey
  2. The original call will be put on hold

To return to the original call:

  1. Press the Hold button

If the second call is still active, it is put on hold when you return to the original call. Please note: you can only have one person on hold at any given time.

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Caller ID

Residence phones support caller ID for both on-campus and off-campus calls. Calls placed to an on-campus phone will display only your residence extension, while calls placed to an off-campus phone will display the University's Residence auto-attendant number, 519-824-0022. Calls received from on-campus phones to other areas of campus will display the name and extension of the caller. Calls received from off-campus will display the name and number of the caller if available, otherwise, they may appear as 'private' or 'unknown'.

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Conference Calling

The conference calling feature allows you to initiate a call of up to sixteen parties (including the conference call initiator). To initiate a conference call:

  1. Call the first extension or off campus party.
  2. Press the More softkey.
  3. Press the Confrn softkey.
  4. At the dial tone, dial another extension or off campus party.
  5. Announce the conference call and press the Confrn softkey to join all parties.
  6. Continue steps 2 through 5 until all parties are connected.

If you don't want to add the extension into a conference call, i.e. the party doesn't answer, voicemail picks up, etc.:

  1. Press the EndCall softkey.
  2. Press the Hold button.

Using the ConfList softkey, the conference originator can selectively remove participants from a conference call.

  1. Press the More softkey.
  2. Press the ConfLi softkey. The Conferee List is displayed.
  3. Use the navigation bar  to scroll to the party you wish to drop.
  4. Press the Remove softkey.

You may temporarily remove yourself from the conference by pressing the Hold button.

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Direct to Voicemail Dialing

The direct to voicemail feature allows you to leave a voicemail message for someone without dialing their phone. To use the direct to voicemail dialing feature, dial *77 + <extension>.

Note: This feature is not available for HiCom/Spectralink voicemail boxes.

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Directories contains logs of all the missed, received and placed calls that have passed through your phone as well as your assigned speed dial numbers and the Campus Directory for Residence extensions.

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 Extended Local Calling Area

The local calling area of each campus (Guelph, Kemptville and Ridgetown) has been extended to the other campuses. This means long distance charges will no longer apply for calls between the Guelph campus and Kemptville or Ridgetown area business and residential numbers, nor between the Kemptville or Ridgetown campus and Guelph area business and residential numbers. You can continue to place these calls as you have in the past, but long distance charges will no longer apply. If you dial the number as a long distance call and it is serviced by a local calling area, the "1" will be dropped and the system will dial the number as a local call for you. If the "1" is not dropped, the call is considered long distance and you will be responsible for any long distance charges incurred.

For an idea of which area codes and exchanges are covered by the extended local calling service, see the following listings:

Guelph local calling area
Kemptville local calling area
Ridgetown local calling area


Please Note: Not all of the area codes and exchanges listed above may be included as the telephone system is only updated periodically. If you dial the number as a long distance call and the "1" is not dropped from the display, the call is considered long distance and you will be responsible for any long distance charges incurred. If you do not have a display, dial the call as a local call to see if the call proceeds or you are asked to add a "1" or "0" to the number.

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The menu key allows you to quickly access your voice mail, call logs and phone settings. The menu key can be found to the right of the scroll key.

  1. Messages
  2. Directories
  3. Settings
  4. Services

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When your line is busy or is not answered after 15 seconds, the caller is transferred to voice mail. To check voice mail:

Your On Campus Phone

Press the messages softkey then enter your password when prompted. If the messages softkey is unavailable, press the menu button then select messages.

Residence Phone Other than Yours

Press the messages softkey, then the * key to access your mailbox. Please note: Your extension number is your mailbox ID.

On Campus Non-residence Phone

Dial extension 74000. Press the * key to access your mailbox. Please note: Your extension number is your mailbox ID.

Off Campus

Dial (519)824-0022 Press the * key to access your mailbox. Please note: Your extension number is your mailbox ID.

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To dial the last number you called press the Redial softkey. Please note: If the last call you placed was a call transfer, the extension you transferred the call to will be the number redialed.

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Ring/Voice Volume

To adjust the handset, speakerphone or headset volume:

  1. Press the up or down volume button while the phone is in use
  2. To save your new volume setting, just press the save softkey on the display

To adjust the ringer volume:

  1. Press the up or down volume button while the handle is in the cradle
  2. You will hear a sample ring and can continue to press the volume button until you reach the desired level
  3. Press the Menu key, choose settings then press the save softkey.

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Scroll Key

The scroll key is found directly under the softkeys. It is used to scroll up or down within the display window.

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Provides access to available phone services. These will change as additional functions are made available.

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Displays settings on your phone's LCD screen, plus options for adjusting your phone's ring type and screen contrast.

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There are four softkeys which are found directly under the LCD screen. The function of these keys will be displayed on the screen and will change dynamically, depending on the status of your call.

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Campus Directory for Residence

A campus directory is available on the phone which provides a listing of University of Guelph students, faculty and staff. The phone contains a web XML browser, software similar to the web browser on your computer. When you enter a search request, information is pulled directly from the existing campus directory server.

  1. Press the menu button on your phone
  2. Either scroll down to Directories or press 2
  3. Either scroll down to Directory Services or press 5
  4. Select Simple Search or Detailed Search
  5. Enter the part of the name you wish to search for and press the Search softkey
  6. Use the backspace softkey '<<' to erase the last character
  7. There will be a maximum of 10 entries per page. Scroll through the results and use the NextPg softkey to advance to the next page
  8. Press the Dial softkey to dial the selected number
  9. The dialing prefix (9) or the long-distance code (*9) is automatically added where appropriate. Please note that the extensions of the external numbers may not be dialed automatically.
  10. Press the Back softkey to return to the search page or the Cancel softkey to exit the Campus Directory

Two search forms are available:
Simple form - if the search string is three characters or longer, the directory returns the records which contain that search string anywhere in the common name. If the search string is two characters, the search is performed on both the first and last name. In this case only records matching the search string from the beginning of the names are returned. Note: If the search string is fewer than two characters, the search is not performed and an error page is returned.

Detailed form - the search can be performed on the first name and last name. At least one of the two fields must be two characters or longer. In the case of the first or the last name, matching attributes must start with the submitted search string. Note: Only public entries within the Campus Directory are searched and displayed.

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Inter-Campus Calling (Guelph, Kemptville and Ridgetown)

Calls between the Guelph and Kemptville or Ridgetown campus are 5 digit extension to extension calls. There is no need to call the main campus number to reach an extension at the other campus. This affects both business and residence phones at each campus. For help finding an extension, please see the online directory. The Kemptville campus also has a staff directory listing, and the Ridgetown campus has a staff directory listing. Switchboard services are also available for your assistance.

In the event the network link between the Kemptville campus and Guelph campus or Ridgetown and Guelph campus is unavailable, the Kemptville/Ridgetown campus telephone system will begin to operate with limited functionality and inter-campus calling will not be available. During this time calls to and from each campus can be placed by dialling the appropriate main campus number and entering the 5 digit extension.  Long distance charges will not apply.

NOTE: The following behaviour can be expected when the Kemptville or Ridgetown telephone system is operating with limited functionality:

  • Calls placed to 5-digit Kemptville or Ridgetown extensions from the Guelph campus will be answered by voicemail.
  • Calls placed to 5-digit Guelph extensions from the Kemptville/Ridgetown campus will result in an error tone.
  • Phones at the Kemptville/Ridgetown campus will display "UofG Link Down. Ltd Service".
  • Message waiting indicators (red light & prompt) will not be available at the Kemptville/Ridgetown  campus.
  • All non-local off-campus calls placed from the Kemptville/Ridgetown campus will need to be preceded by a "1"

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