ResNet IP Address – 10.10.X.Y

If you have an IP address that begins with '10.10', ensure that there is a connectivity issue. Attempt to connect to multiple web pages with multiple browsers if possible - sometimes, an internet browser or certain website will not work but the connection in general is fine. If you experience connectivity issues on multiple browsers and both on-campus and off-campus websites, proceed with the troubleshooting instructions on this page. 

  1. Release/Renew your IP Address. 

  2. After Identifying your IP Address, look for the addresses described as 'Gateway'. If the gateway is showing as "" with a second gateway of "10.10.x.y" below it, contact us by phone at 519-824-4120 x58888 for further instruction. 

  3. Clear your browser cache

  4. Clear any browser proxy settings:

    • Windows: Open Control Panel / Internet Options / Connections tab / LAN Settings button / Make sure no proxy is configured.
    • Internet Explorer: Uses the Windows ‘Internet Options’ tool. Accessible from browser.
    • Firefox: Firefox Button / Preferences / Advanced tab / Network sub-tab / “Settings…” button in Connection section / Make sure no proxy is configured.
    • Chrome: Uses the Windows ‘Internet Options’ tool. Accessible from browser.
    • Mac OS X: Apple Menu / Dock / System Preferences / Network / Select desired network / Advanced button / Proxies tab / Make sure nothing is checked.
  5. Check for the existence of any personal firewall programs on the computer. If so, temporarily disable them. Release/Renew your IP Address.

  6. If none of these solutions work, the issue could be that you require a DNS flush or you have a corrupt TCP/IP Stack or Winsock Layer. For more information and assistance, with these issues, give us a call at extension 519-824-4120 x58888 and we will be happy to help.