Telecom (MACdesk) Work Orders

Work orders (MACdesk - moves, adds & changes) are submitted through web forms listed below and require a University of Guelph Central Login Account.  Only those staff (IT or Departmental Administrators) who are authorized to use billing codes can submit a request.  If you don’t have a central login account please contact the CCS Help Centre.

Service Form Description
Phone/Phone Features Business phones and features. Emergency, elevator, and conference phones. Call processing and queuing.
Wired Network Connection Requests for wired network connections.
Wireless Network Coverage Requests for wireless (wifi) network coverage.
Bell Line Requests to add, move, or cancel Bell phone and FAX lines.
Alarm Circuit Request addition or removal of alarm circuits.
Other Any request not covered by the forms above.


If you have a broken phone, broken jack or have any questions about how to use a phone, please contact the CCS Help Centre at 519-824-4120 x58888 or email 

If you would like to order accessories for a phone, such as a headset, these can be ordered directly from Corporate Express/Staples. More information about accessories can be found on our website.


For more detailed pricing information please contact the CCS Help Centre (Note: prices are subject to change at any time)

Service Pricing
Phone – 7940 (1-2 lines)
$36/month (additional charges for wall mount)
Phone – 7960 (3-6 lines)
Voice Mail
Conference Phone Rental
$45 for the first day, $5 for each additional day
Bell Telephone Line
Bell rates, plus CCS rates. Quotes can be provided.
Temporary Phone or Network Jack (conference, meeting room)
$45 for the first day, $5 for each additional day
New Network Jack (not-activated)
$110 for pre-wire, may be additional costs depending on location of jack.
Activate Network Jack
Wireless Access Points
Quotes can be provided