Telecom (MACdesk) Work Orders

Chargeable work orders (MACdesk - moves, adds & changes) are submitted through an on-line application using a University of Guelph Central Login Account.  Only those staff (IT or Departmental Administrators) who are authorized to use billing codes can submit a request.  If you don’t have a central login account please contact the CCS Help Centre.

MACdesk Work Order Request Application 

Request are submitted by logging into the site, updates can be made to a request on-line or by replying to an email.

NEW: For Name Display changes please use our form - Phone Name Display Change Request

The following types of work orders need to be submitted via the on-line application: 

  • New Phone
  • Changes to an existing phone
    • add/remove voice mail
    • add/remove an extension
  • Remove a Phone
  • Renting a Conference Phone
  • Bell Telephone Lines
  • New Network Jack
  • Activate Network Jack
  • Wireless Access Points

If you have a broken phone, broken jack or have any questions about how to use a phone, please contact the CCS Help Centre at 519-824-4120 x58888 or email 

If you would like to order accessories for a phone, such as a headset, these can be ordered directly from Corporate Express/Staples. More information about accessories can be found on our website.


For more detailed pricing information please contact the CCS Help Centre (Note: prices are subject to change at any time)

Service Pricing
Phone – 7940 (1-2 lines)
$36/month (additional charges for wall mount)
Phone – 7960 (3-6 lines)
Voice Mail
Conference Phone Rental
$45 for the first day, $5 for each additional day
Bell Telephone Line
Bell rates, plus CCS rates. Quotes can be provided.
Temporary Phone or Network Jack (conference, meeting room)
$45 for the first day, $5 for each additional day
New Network Jack (not-activated)
$110 for pre-wire, may be additional costs depending on location of jack.
Activate Network Jack
Wireless Access Points
Quotes can be provided