JoinNow - Chromebook

  1. Go to and select the big JoinNow button.
  2. Select Inline Install as your download source and then select the Install button.

    Main screen after clicking the JoinNow button.
  3. Select Add extension from the Add "JoinNow MultiOS" extension window that pops up.

    Select the white add extension button from the bottom of the add extension window.
  4. After the Chrome extension installs successfully, enter your Central Login ID and Password and then select the Download button. 

    NOTE: You will need to change your password using our password change utility if CCS has recently changed your password or you haven't changed your password before.

    Enter your central login ID and password. Select Download at the bottom of the join now window.

  5. Once you have successfully entered your credentials, wait on the loading screen until a window pops up to download a file.

    wait on the loading spinning wheel screen until there is a prompt to download a file.
  6. Download the "SecureW2.onc" file by selecting the blue Save button on the bottom right of the screen.

    Save the file into your downloads folder. Select Save
  7. Once the file has downloaded, a new tab should automatically open in your browser. Select the newly opened tab. 

    Select choose file from the Import O N C file box.

  8. Select Choose File in the Import ONC file section of the newly opened tab.

    Select choose file in the import o n c file section of the window that pops up.
  9. Import the "SecureW2.onc" file that we downloaded in step 6. Once it is highlighted in the file browser, select Open.

    Highlight the Secure W 2 dot O N C file that we downloaded earlier. Select Open to import the file.

  10. Once the "SecureW2.onc" file has been imported into the JoinNow tool, you should now be connected to uog-wifi-secure!

    uog-wifi-secure is not successfully connected!



If you are experiencing issues, please do not hesitate to contact the CCS Help Center at x58888 or visit the IT Help Desk located on the first floor of the library for assistance in connecting your Chromebook to the wireless network using JoinNow.