Connecting to uog-wifi-secure for Windows 8 / 8.1

We recommend trying to connect through JoinNow before doing the manual configuration: JoinNow Windows

From the Windows 8 Start-up page

  1. Navigate your mouse to the top right corner.

  2. Click Settings

  3. In the menu that pops up, click on the WiFi symbol

  4. Select your wireless network (See instructions for uog-wifi-secure below)

  5. Open an internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

  6. A Network Authentication screen will appear asking for your credentials; enter your Central User ID and password.

From the Windows 8 Desktop:

  • Navigate your mouse to the bottom right corner


  • Click the Wireless icon illustrated above

  • Select the appropriate network

For uog-wifi-secure

  • Follow the same steps as above

  • Select “uog-wifi-secure” as your wireless network

  • Input your Central Login ID and password when prompted.

  • If the “uog-wifi-secure” login fails, you may need to have your password synchronized to the Central File Service (CCS) using the Change Your Password utility.