Personal Computer Specifications

This information is intended for students attending the University of Guelph. These are general guidelines. It is difficult to recommend a particular type or specification of computer because every individual's need may be different. Some things to consider:

  • Consider whether you will be using your computer for advanced applications or simply for email, internet and word processing and upgrade accordingly. 
  • Consider if you are expecting your computer to last for the duration of your attendance at U of G, or if you plan to upgrade in a couple of years and upgrade accordingly.
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  • Macintosh computers are not supported at the University of Guelph. This does not mean that you cannot bring or use a Mac here on campus or in our residences, but it does mean that any technical assistance you receive from CCS Help will be limited to general questions.
  • There are public printing services available in the library and other limited locations on campus. You may find it convenient to have your own printer, but as a rule colour printers are not necessary.

Also, please keep in mind that you may need support for your computer for one reason or another.  If you choose to purchase your computer from a vendor in your home town rather than in Guelph, ask if they will be able to support you remotely while you are here in Guelph. The university is not affiliated with any vendors and therefore cannot recommend where to buy a computer. Look for vendor information on the internet or in your yellow pages.