LinkedIn Learning First-Time Sign In (web)

Follow the steps below to log into your LinkedIn Learning account for the first time. For instructions to login via your mobile device, visit the LinkedIn Learning First-Time Sign In (mobile)

Please note that some steps may be automatically bypassed if you are currently logged in via the U of G Single Sign-on (SSO). If you are not, you may be directed to the SSO to log in. 

1. Go to LinkedIn Learning. [Note: if you had a U of G account that is being migrated to a LinkedIn Learning account, you will receive a confirmation email once the migration is complete. This email will include a login link, so the first few steps below may be bypassed.]

2. Click "Sign In".

3. Enter your Gryph Mail address (your Central Login ID or in the following window, and click "Continue".

4. Choose "University of Guelph" SSO.

5. Once you enter your Gryph Mail address, you will be automatically redirected to the U of G Single Sign-on page. Once you enter your credentials, you will be sent back to LinkedIn Learning.

Web form asking user if they want to connect LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning accounts.

If you opt to connect your accounts, you may be prompted to enter your LinkedIn account credentials. Whether or not you decide to connect your accounts, you will be asked to confirm your selection. 

LinkedIn Learning will then ask you to select interests, in order to curate suggested videos for you.

Two overlapping screens. The first asks to choose an interest category, with the options of Business, Creative, Technology, or I'm Not Sure Yet. The second is a grid of keywords from each category to select.

LinkedIn Learning will first ask if there is a category you are interested in, and then for more specific skill keywords that you find applicable. Once you have finished making your selections, select Continue at the bottom of the skills page.

This will bring you to the homepage of your LinkedIn Learning accounts. Subsequent logins using the Organization Account login process will bring you directly to this page.