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This service is in the process of being decommissioned and new personal websites can no longer be created. If you are a faculty member or a member of a lab/research group, please see Faculty, Lab and Research Websites (CampusPress) for more information on our new service. For further advice on how to proceed with your website project, please contact

For information on retrieving content or files on your existing personal website, see the instructions on Publishing a Personal Website

As a member of the U of G community, you have access to a number of products and services that require login credentials. Your Central Login Account will give you access to most services offered by CCS plus Web Advisor, however other U of G services may require separate login authorization such as those provided by Open Learning. 

CCS also offers Central File Service (CFS) which lets members of the University of Guelph user community store files in a centrally managed environment. 

Once you know your Central Login Account information, it's recommended that you learn how to Change Your Password and sign-up for Password Reset (formally Password Insurance)

If you're looking for what coverage your account type has, you can check out the Service Summary page which outlines all services available to each account type.