Getting Started

Welcome to your new University of Guelph Central Login Account. This account is provided by Computing & Communications Services (CCS) for your personal use while associated with the university. Your account allows you to access online services such as Gryph Mail (Office 365), WebAdvisor, CourseLink, and other digital services provided by the University of Guelph. 

What You Need to Know

The use of this account, and the use of any digital services provided by the University, is covered by the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines (AUPG). We recommend you familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities described in the AUPG.

Protect Your Email

You may receive a small amount of spam email (i.e. unsolicited junk mail) in your Gryph Mail email account. You can train the spam filtering feature in Gryph Mail by selecting the spam email and clicking on the 'Junk' button. Messages in the Junk folder are automatically purged after 30 days. 

Protect Your Account

When you received your new Central Login Account, it came with a preset password. We strongly recommend that you Change your Password and sign-up for Password Reset. Password Reset is a service provided by CCS which allows you to reset your password in the event that you forget your password by answering security questions set by you. You must sign-up for this service ahead of time to be able to reset your password when it is forgotten. 

How To Find Out More

An introduction to the services available through your University of Guelph Central Login Account is provided for the different members of the campus community. These First Visit guides will help you get started with your new account:

How To Get Computer Help

If you need assistance with any of the services offered or supported by CCS, please see the help section.