Organizational Account

Organizational accounts are available to recognized groups or clubs with multiple users needing access to the University’s computing services through one account or shared access. These accounts are often used by departments or student clubs to publish a website (for example, or share an email address (for example,

Groups include Department Deans, Directors, Chairs, or Managers. Clubs must be officially recognized by the Central Student Association (CSA), the Graduate Students' Association (GSA), Interhall Council, or College Student Government.

Requesting an Account

  • Organizational accounts for groups must be requested by the Department Chair, Dean, Director, or Manager. Organizational accounts for clubs must be requested by the club President.
  • To request an account, complete the online Central Login Account Request Form


  • To determine the services that are available to organizational accounts, refer to the Service Summary.

Term of Use

  • Organizational accounts stay in effect for a term of up to one year. At the end of the term, Computer and Communications Services (CCS) will contact the requestor to review the account and determine whether it should be renewed or concluded.